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Your Coronavirus Song of the Day. Fifteen.

This past Saturday, I came across a short video on twitter.  Two men in suits and ties were standing on a basketball court, conferring with three NBA officials.  Chris Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder steps into the foreground.  Looking puzzled and concerned, he starts a conversation with Joe Ingles of the Utah Jazz – who looks just as perplexed as Paul.  The clip ends there, without telling us the rest of the story.

It didn’t need to.

It was just before tip-off of that now-infamous NBA game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Utah Jazz.  We all know the game was postponed, we all know the players were quarantined in the locker rooms and the fans were sent home.  And we all recognize that non-game as the first domino to fall for the US in the corona-virus pandemic.

What did come as a surprise – though it really shouldn’t have – was the accompanying text:

“One month ago today.”

One month.  Wow.

That one month has brought many hardships to many people.  Those in the medical profession are being pushed to their limits.  Others are suddenly without work.  There is suffering and there is grief.

Even for those of us fortunate enough to have no direct effects, it’s been no picnic.  Stress levels are elevated and frustration is high.  We watch the numbers grow and analyze the latest models and projections.

For one month, corona has dominated our conversations, our thoughts, and even our dreams.  We worry – not just for ourselves, but our loved ones.  We worry about infections. We worry that we aren’t doing enough.  We feel helpless.

One month.

Like the psalmist, we cry out “How long, O Lord?”

How long before a trip to the grocery store feels ordinary again?

How long before we can go to our favorite restaurant?

How long before we can see our friends face-to-face?

Go to a concert…a movie…a basketball game?

How long before things return to normal?

It tries our patience.

So we wait.  And that’s the hardest part.

Here’s Tom Petty with your corona-virus song of the day, “The Waiting” from the Album Hard Promises (1981).


Listen.  Enjoy.  Stay safe.


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