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WYWH: Yardbird's 8th Anniversary!!! - Sunday's Grocery | Buy Our Goods Online

WYWH: Yardbird’s 8th Anniversary!!! – Sunday’s Grocery | Buy Our Goods Online

WYWH: Yardbird’s 8th Anniversary!!!

By Tara Babins

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Three weeks ago, Yardbird celebrated their 8th anniversary and it was definitely a night to remember! In collaboration with Vans, Mudita, Evan Hecox, Suntory, and Fernet Hunter, the Yardbird Team hosted a party at the restaurant and an after party at Mudita on Saturday, June 15th.

During the party at Yardbird, guests had a special opportunity to purchase limited edition, signed prints by acclaimed artist Evan Hecox (who was also in attendance). These prints are still available for purchase HERE and we ship globally!! And to celebrate this momentous occasion even more, Vans created exclusive t-shirts featuring Hecox’s artwork which were given away for free! The party continued after hours at Mudita, where the legendary DJ Muro (“King of Diggin”) played a selection of funk, soul, dancehall, and old school hip hop on vinyl throughout the night.

If you weren’t able to celebrate with us (or the memories are a little fuzzy) click the video to see what went down!!!

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