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Winter Trek To Kedarkantha
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Winter Trek To Kedarkantha Things To Keep In Mind – BackPackClan

Kedarkantha Trek is definitely as good as it is said. But if you plan on taking Winter Trek To Kedarkantha then you need to be well-prepared for it. Kedarkantha Trek is a moderate trek that starts from Sankri and ends at Kedarkantha Base Camp. From there you descend to Hargaon Camp, Hargaon Camp to Sankri and last of all Sankri to Dehradun. So what are the special things to keep in mind before coming on this trek? Let’s have a look at it.

Winter Season

  1. In Winter Trek To Kedarkantha, you will need to layer up yourself with good warm clothes 
  2. Always make sure to take notes from the company with which you are booking the trek on all the important things to carry with you on your trek. 
  3. In the winter season, the temperature tends to drop day by day, so warm clothes will help you a lot.

Summer Season

  1. Summer trek to Kedarkantha is indeed very special, be it the view, weather conditions, everything is favourable.
  2. For the summer trek, you have to carry bring only normal clothes, so that your trek can be comfortable but always remember that in hiking it is necessary to bring all the equipment which is necessary for you.
  3. It is necessary to have at least 3 pairs of clothes for trekking, especially the poncho, which you will have to bring every season
  4. In the summer season, the temperature is always normal, so there is no need for warm clothes.

Monsoon Season

  1. During the monsoon season, it rains occasionally during the Kedarkantha trek, especially in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, so it is advisable to bring at least 4 pairs of normal clothes. No need to carry warm clothes.
  2. It’s only a little cold in the morning and evening and the day is a good temperature for you
  3. Before going on any trek, it is recommended to gather all the information related to each season to make things easy.

Make sure that you have good knowledge about the trek route, trek map, temperature, weather conditions, difficulty level, trek starting point, endpoint, transport, view of the trek, the best time to visit and any other information that you feel is important for you to know before embarking on Winter Trek To Kedarkantha. 

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