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Winter Fashion Tips for Men - The Yorkshire Dad of 4
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Winter Fashion Tips for Men – The Yorkshire Dad of 4

It might be pretty mild outside but winter is creeping up around the corner and you have to get ready for it. You might have prepared your house, we may have had your car checked, but have you checked your wardrobe lately? When was the last time you went winter shopping for yourself anyway? Aside from the freezing wind, the pouring rain and the possibility of snow, winter also brings you the opportunity to be fashionable. It can be difficult to dress yourself in the winter months so that you are adequately warm. 

The reason for this is because public transport and the insides of shopping stores keep their heaters on, so you will layer up for the outside world only to have to strip off and carry all those layers around wherever you go. Of course, if all you do is throw on mens overshirts and a jacket over your clothes you should be fine, but thinking about winter clothing, you have to give importance to function and fashion. There are many opportunities for you to revamp your look in the winter, but you want to make sure that you have good fashion that also keeps you warm. So, here are tips to help.

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  • Lean into the layers. We talked about those Mens overshirts, already, and there’s a reason for it. A T shirt with Mens overshirts and then a jacket can help you to stay warm but not be too overheated. Knitwear is lovely, but when you’re also wearing a heavy overcoat on top of that and t-shirt underneath there and a vest under that, you are inviting yourself to potentially pass out when you’re on the train to work. Leading into layers is a good idea, because this way you can use thin layers and remove and add as you please.
  • Stick to a shopping budget. It’s winter, which means all of the clothing is going to be geared towards the cold. Go shopping, take with you a budget that you can stick to. You don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on clothing that may not last you through the season, or they’ll go away quickly after season. You want to choose clothing that is optimal for the cold weather, so polyester jackets are probably not a good idea but leather and wool probably are. Don’t overspend on the brand names, instead of spending money on incorrect items, make sure that you are choosing winter clothing items that keep you warm and that will stay with you season after season.
  • Buy a good coat. It sounds like a basic piece of advice for the winter months, with all of the weather changing the way that it does, but you need to make sure that you have a coat that is not only comfortable at the right size, but waterproof. The rains come and they come down hard in the winter, and with the right coat you can avoid any kind of issues when it comes to your health. You don’t want to end up on your way to work being soaked to the bone, so make sure that you choose a jacket that can withstand the weather and leather jackets are often a great option. not only do they look good, they will last, they will repel the water and you will be very comfortable and warm.

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