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Why People Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry
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Why People Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry?



Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry – An Overview

Diamonds are oh so beautiful! They have always been a source of value and fascination for women of all ages. The Greeks regarded them as tears of God, while the Romans considered them splinters from falling stars. However, mined diamonds have become a thing of the past. Over the years lab grown diamond jewelry has gained a lot of popularity among women.
Lab grown diamonds are economical, ethical, and have environmental benefits over mined natural diamonds. But what exactly are lab made diamonds?

Also known as man-made diamonds or lab-created diamonds, they are made in a highly controlled environment in laboratories. It uses highly technological processes that mimic the environment in the earth’s mantle, where natural diamonds are formed.

Lab grown diamond is made of genuine carbon atoms arranged in a characteristic diamond crystal structure. Since they are made of the same material as naturally extracted gemstones, natural and lab diamonds possess similar chemical, physical, and optical properties.

How Are Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Made?

A lab created diamond is made from tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. CVD, also known as carbon vapor deposition, is a particular deposition process that mimics the formation of naturally extracted diamonds. Some lab diamonds may sometimes have to go under extreme pressure and heat treatment after being grown.

Fancy-colored diamonds grown in labs are made due to tiny specific trace elements present during their growth phase, just like in natural diamonds. The composition of trace elements in man made diamonds may differ from that of natural diamonds, whether white or fancy colored.

One can only distinguish between lab grown diamonds in India and natural diamonds by using specialized equipment that detects slight differences in crystal growth and trace elements.

Reasons To Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

There are various reasons millennial people have attracted more to lab grown diamonds than natural diamonds. Let’s explore them one by one.

The origin of your diamond is known to you.

An individual’s greatest benefit with ethical diamonds is that they are grown in laboratories. The mining industry has faced a lot of backlashes, not just in the past but to this day. Problems related to child labor, blood diamonds, and exploitation of workers are common in the mining industry.

Thanks to technological development, smuggling unregulated diamonds into the market has also become quite easy. Therefore, lab diamonds are the only safe option for us to choose from. This is our earth and it is our duty to protect it from all evils. lab grown diamond online in India is available in various designs and colors for you to choose from.

The lab grown diamond jewelry price allows you to get a larger stone for your money.

The whole ‘diamonds are forever’ advertising campaign was started so that couples splurge a large chunk of their budget on diamonds. Only a few wealthy people could afford to buy real diamonds of large carats. Naturally extracted diamonds are rare and take millions of years to form. Thus, it is only natural that they are high-priced and not so cost-effective.

However, if you are thinking of buying diamond rings for women that are grown in laboratories, you do not have to shed all your money on a single stone. Since they are grown in laboratories, they are not so high priced. You can easily afford a larger carat stone without breaking your bank.

You can even purchase fancy-colored diamonds.

As colored diamonds are rare, they used to be a status symbol for most wealthy people. However, it has become a game-changer since we started making diamonds in the laboratories. Thanks to the advancement in technology and scientific breakthroughs, these colored stones are available at budget-friendly prices.

Someone who does not want to wear traditional, white-colored stones can now afford to buy colored diamonds as well. Colored stones appear quite fancy and alluring. They add a glamorous and exquisite look to any woman, making them stand out from everyone in the crowd. You can check out our 7 Latest Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Designs With Best Price to get an idea about our collection and thus buy diamonds online.

Diamonds grown in labs are better in quality. 

Thanks to our scientists, they have rigorously worked toward growing diamonds that are free from any impurities or imperfections compared to their natural counterparts. Natural diamonds sometimes have visible flaws due to their growing process. Only after you spend a lot of money will you be able to purchase an aesthetically perfect stone.

However, you can now buy online lab grown diamond jewelry with no visible flaws and looks aesthetically pleasing. They now even come with grading certifications from some of the popular grading institutions of the world. It would help if you remembered that both real and lab diamonds are graded in a similar manner. Thus, you can now get a superior-quality stone at a cost-effective price.

Since lab grown diamond jewelry possesses a similar structure, sparkle, and sturdiness to natural diamonds, it is pretty evident why people are drawn to the former. Coupled with this, a lab diamond is economical, ethical, and has environmental benefits. So, if you are thinking of buying the perfect diamond jewelry, you can always check out our website to choose from a wide range of options.

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