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Why I’m Buying Silver – and More Important, Why You Should Too!

Silver Manipulation Doesn’t Matter because the US dollar may not be enough. The US dollar may look good at the moment but what if things change suddenly do you have the assets made to fall back on? Phone: (716) 217-1967 email [email protected] Franklin Street Coin Company Phone: (513) 554-0851 Merch Store If you would like to send this channel mail that may be opened in one of our videos you can do so by sending it to, “The Silver Joker Channel” P.O. Box 12869 Cincinnati, Oh 45212 And you can follow me on Instagram These are the Rules for all of our Giveaways: Note: We are not responsible for items lost in the mail. 1. We will explain any rules for the Giveaway in our videos 2. No purchase is necessary. 3. All items given away are gifts from us to the winners. 4. YouTube does not sponsor any of our giveaways. 5. To participate, you must be a subscriber and like the video. 6. People less than 18 years of age must have parental consent to participate 7. Void where prohibited. All information I present is my personal opinion based on my own experiences and is not considered professional financial advice. When considering investing in physical silver or any other investment, you should seek advice from a licensed professional which I am not

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