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Why Should You Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry In 2022?
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Why Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry? Stefee Jewels


Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry: Why Should You Opt For?

The Indian Jewelry Industry is one of the largest industries in the world and contributes so much to the global consumption of Jewelry. We are all a little more money awake in 2022. The economic impact of the pandemic loiters, and many people are tightening their belts and looking for ways to best amend their budgets. The budget includes small purchases up to life’s most significant ones, such as diamond rings.

There is no doubt that the option for a more economical lab grown diamond has proven so popular. Moreover, India is now an emerging source of lab grown diamond jewelry. The lab grown jewelry manufacturers will help India unlock the new age diamond’s competitive advantage.

Over the years, lab made diamonds have gained immense popularity and are now a common substitute for natural mined diamonds. In addition, consumers are far more concerned with ethicality and sustainability than ever before, which is good news for lab diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds: Their Origin         

Scientists discovered diamonds comprised of pure carbon in the late 70s. This discovery started the race to create the first lab made diamond. During the 19th century, many attempted to recreate the diamond in a lab environment mimicking the conditions necessary for the diamond formation. Although many claims of successful recreation, scientists couldn’t replicate the experiments.

For many years, scientists tried and experimented with variations of methods, temperatures, and pressures to create diamonds from carbon. The project began in the 1940s, but the World War II postponed the work. The first lab grown diamonds were formed in General Electric’s laboratories in 1954. Using a high-pressure belt press device, they subjected tiny seed crystals to extremely high temperatures and pressure to accelerate the transformation of the seed to a diamond.

Generic Electric is credited for being the first company to create significant quantities of lab grown diamonds by replicating the experiment during the 1950s. Both scientists, Herbert Strong and Howard Tracy Hall received credit for their discovery.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry: The New Future Lifestyle Choice

Many people, including couples, tend to choose lab grown diamonds over mined diamonds in their fine jewelry collection due to many unethical mining practices that accompany the mined diamond. Some practices include the negative impact diamond mining has on the Environment, human rights violations, poor working conditions for laborers, and much more.

Like natural diamonds, lab created diamonds have clarity, sparkle, and similar physical properties to mined ones. In 2022, couples see lab grown diamonds as a suitable replacement for the natural ones due to their clean origin, environmentally friendliness, and no visible difference between them. They choose to prefer lab grown diamond engagement rings for their engagement ceremony.

The innovation of lab grown diamonds makes them the future of diamonds in the jewelry industry. We use technology for almost everything today, so we should embrace the same process for growing diamonds.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry In 2022?

–  Lab Grown Diamonds Are Good For The Environment

Mining Diamonds from the Earth results in digging up some of the largest holes. Research and study estimate that the procedure of mining affects 100sq feet of land and generates a vast amount of mineral waste. In addition to that, it needs a considerable amount of fuel to extract the jewel using heavy machinery. Moreover, it is pretty obvious to see the injury of workers putting in efforts for mining procedures.

On the other hand, the situation is different in the case of lab grown diamonds. One of the best things about them is that they are not extracted from the Earth and are therefore mining free. They are grown in labs in a human-controlled environment without harming our mother nature. They are a favorite among millennials because of their sustainable, conflict-free, and environmentally friendly nature. Here, at Stefee Jewels, we offer affordable and beautifully curated lab grown diamond jewelry, including diamond necklaces.

– Lab Created Diamonds Are Better Quality Gemstones

The development of advanced technology has helped scientists to produce diamonds that are of high-end quality. Simply put, lab grown diamonds have fewer imperfections than naturally extracted gemstones.

A lab grown diamond holds the same physical, chemical, and optical features as its mined counterparts. They have brilliant sparkle, shine, and radiance with perfect aesthetic appeal. Also, a lab grown diamond appears crystal clear to the naked eye. Moreover, the fire and charm it holds make it a perfect addition to a women’s jewelry collection, making her gain extra attention.

– Lab Grown Diamonds Yield Personalized Aesthetic Appeal

You are at the right place if you purchase jewelry such as diamond pendants for yourself or someone special. When viewed from the naked eye, natural and lab made diamonds appear similar in every manner. An average human cannot differentiate between the two with their naked eye. Lab made diamonds come in a vast array of colors, cuts, and designs. They are more than luxurious and are an ideal piece of sophistication and grace. They are worth every penny you spend on them, and you will never have to worry about their aesthetic appeal as they are perfect and glamorous.

– Lab Grown Diamonds Are Cost-Effective

To make it easier for you, diamonds produced in laboratories are quite cost-effective, meaning you get all the features of a naturally mined diamond within your means. Lab made diamonds are a cost-effective alternative and do not burn a hole in anyone’s budget. So, whenever you think of buying Jewelry such as diamond bracelets with lab grown diamonds, you can purchase a bigger and better quality at the same price.

Moreover, lab made diamonds have come to the rescue for someone scared of the heft price tag of mined diamonds.

– Lab Grown Diamonds Are Way More Unique And Stylish

Lab grown diamonds allow you to choose from various contemporary designs. If you are looking for Lab grown diamond jewelry has secured top positions to attract people’s attention. It will surely complement your look and bring out the elegance within you. or any other jewelry, then lab grown diamonds are available in popular shapes and settings. They are a perfect choice for everyday use, as they have higher durability and hardness. They reflect your individuality and allow you to express your style. So, if you want the look and feel of authentic diamond jewelry, but at a low price and want a glamorous look, lab grown diamonds are a perfect choice.

Lab grown diamond jewelry is an integral part of ornamentation. For generations, diamonds have secured top positions to attract people’s attention. Diamond in the hand of the finest expert craftsmen can create an everlasting statement beating every other piece of Jewelry. Lab grown Jewelry be it a necklace or bracelet, will compliment your look and bring out the natural elegance within you.

Stefee jewels have a vast collection of Jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings. Our designs and vast array will surely bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones. As more people are becoming aware of lab diamonds and their advantages, their popularity is rising immensely. Check out our collection to purchase the perfect piece of Jewelry for yourself or someone special in your life.

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