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What to Expect When Travelling During the Coronavirus | Alpha Airport Parking

There’s no question that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we travel today – and likely in the immediate future as well. 

And while much of the travel industry around the world has gone on a standstill, travelling by air is not completely dead. 

As border restrictions ease and the virus comes under control, local and international flights are expected to resume gradually. 

In the meantime, travelling by air will be vastly different from the way we’ve grown accustomed to in the past several years. 

If you’re flying out anytime soon, here’s what you can expect it to be like for the foreseeable future: 

The most obvious impact of the coronavirus on the travel industry is the number of flights available – more specifically, the lack of it. Due to local and international restrictions, the number of commercial flights has dropped tremendously. There are far fewer flights to choose from these days, and it will likely be this way for the next several months. 

Until the coronavirus pandemic is well under control and there’s a vaccine or cure for the virus, flying will likely require more health checks before and after your flight. Aside from making sure you don’t exhibit any symptoms at the airport itself, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to provide more proof of your health and condition before and after you travel. 

  • Fewer passengers on board 

Gone are the days of overbooked flights and packed planes. With strict travel restrictions and no vaccine or cure coming soon, there’ll be far fewer people flying in the coming months than before. Expect to find fewer passengers at the airport and the plane itself if you’re flying during this pandemic. 

  • Active social distancing 

Social distancing is something most of us see outside our homes, but it’s something you’ll likely see even more of when you’re flying. Whether it’s keeping a safe distance away from other passengers at the airport or having empty seats around you on the plane, social distancing measures won’t be going away anytime soon while you’re flying. 

With the coronavirus still spreading in many parts of Australia and around the world, required quarantine at your points of destination will likely be the norm for some time. Make sure you consider this quarantine period in your itinerary and schedule your trip accordingly. 

Reliable Airport Parking During the Coronavirus 

If you’re flying out soon and you’re worried there won’t be any airport parking available, you’ll be glad to know that Alpha Airport Parking are still providing airport parking for travellers in Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast. 

We continue to implement all safety protocols and precautions issued by health authorities to make sure all our customers are safe to and from their flights. We know that flying during a pandemic is stressful enough, so we do everything we can to give you one less thing to worry about in your trip. 

If you have any questions about our airport parking services during this pandemic, don’t hesitate to call  1300 661 938 to learn more. 

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