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What it Takes to be a Silver Bullion Whale

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Visualizing Net Worth by Age in America
Royalty-free whale footage Tokerau Jim Images Royalty-free music by genius Scott Buckley Bullion Allocation Backtest 1968-2016 All investments and asset classes have their tribes, they are often very obvious and outspoken on social media. Those who are physical precious metal bullion bulls are no different. Over the last handful of years, for instance, I have seen this, “How much silver have you stacked chart?”, posted around various online silver stacker forums. Now it was done in jest, the numbers and scales have no meanings really. It’s all for fun. It’s human nature yet also a common fallacy to constantly compare oneself to others. Never mind we have different goals in our lives other than sole wealth accumulation, or that we’re likely at different stages in our collective lives. Still, it’s normal to wonder about your net wealth position compared to others. It’s also interesting to wonder what this data may end up looking like if the underlying fiat currency goes real wrong ahead. Well, last week a viewer on this SD Bullion channel asked, and I figured it would be an interesting thought experiment. Today we’re gonna go down the rabbit hole of bullion stack sizes in proportion to one’s liquid net worth and wealth class. This will be data-driven, so get ready. You may want to blow out your screen sizes and hit pause whenever the information is super interesting to you. All important source links will be above in the show notes so you can rabbit hole further if you like. Thanks for coming by our SD Bullion youtube channel today.

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