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What is WordPress? And also How Does It Work? Yooooooo! Toda…

What is WordPress? And also How Does It Work? Yooooooo! Today’s video clip is responding to the inquiry of what is WordPress and also exactly how does wordpress job. In instance there’s any type of novices out there that desire to find out just how to produce a site in under 30 mins, see listed below … RELATED BLOG POST —————————————–
What is WordPress and How Does It Work? []
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What is WordPress? As well as How Does It Work? Today’s video clip is addressing the concern of what is WordPress as well as just how does wordpress job. In situation there’s any kind of newbies out there that desire to discover just how to develop an internet site in under 30 mins, see listed below … RELATED BLOG POST
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27 thoughts on “What is WordPress? And also How Does It Work? Yooooooo! Toda…

  1. Thanks this is very simple communication and very straight to the point, just got a lot with your informationsℹ️!!! I like coding but it saves lots of time in some occasions.. U rock man

  2. Thus video was great , UP TILL the sound distracting music came on….
    I could not concentrate on what you said during that BIT..
    It’s very frustrating having music over talking. Please don’t do this…
    And I would appreciate you remaking this 4 minute video to CORRECT THIS PLEASE. Thanks very kindly.

    1. By watching my videos of course. 😂 I teach everyone how to use wordpress and how to make websites on this youtube channel.

  3. Thanks Dale, I subscribed because your video is very simple and you did not waste my time, thanks again, this was very very informative

  4. i just downloaded the video in high quality, but the size of the video is 11.6MB!
    Could You Please Tell Me How to Export a Video Like Yours?

  5. Thanks just what I needed. Why complicated when it can be simple.. Sometimes just going through an awful load of stuff without understanding anything.

  6. but you can do all of this in straight HTML. this is for lazy wanna be programmers not for real programmers 🙁 so sad

  7. you are the best!! I had been trying to add ads for my blog and you just told me why I couldn’t. Thank you.

  8. You deserve like and subscribe cuz , you took directly into content
    No subscribe blah blah
    No thanks subscriber blah blah

    Thanks please make content like this
    And people will sure do support you cuz what matter to us is content not being reminded to support
    Thanks again

    ( I am beginner at web dev
    Before graduating i wanna be a independent full stack developer
    , If you can please make content for students like us
    Helping us to become a finished product developer , indepently)

  9. So WordPress is essentially cheating? For lazy “developers”? Why do this when you can build everything from scratch, from the ground up using HTML/CSS/Js?

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