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What is Digital Marketing? | 4 Easy Tips + Examples (2022)

Download HubSpot’s Digital Marketing Plan Template [FREE TOOL]: What is digital marketing? Basically, it refers to any form of marketing that is done through electronic devices! In this video we’re going over exactly what it is, sharing examples of who has done it best, and even giving you some great tips to help you better connect with potential customers. Want to see more videos like this? Make sure to subscribe to the HubSpot channel for weekly videos! 🖥 Digital Marketing Course: 📔 Grow Your Career and Business with HubSpot Academy: 📔 Favorite Free Certification Courses: • Digital Marketing Certification: • Social Media Marketing Course: • SEO Training Course: • Inbound Course: • Inbound Marketing Course: • Email Marketing Course: • Inbound Sales Course: • Taking your Business Online Course: Video chapters: 0:00 – What is Digital Marketing? Intro 0:48 – Tip #1: Define Your Audience 1:56 – Tip #2: Be Present 3:08 – Tip #3: Build And Effective Funnel 4:03 – Tip #4: Monitor And Report About HubSpot: HubSpot is a leading CRM platform that provides education, software, and support to help businesses grow better. The platform includes marketing, sales, service, and website management products that start free and scale to meet our customers’ needs at any stage of growth. Today, thousands of customers around the world use HubSpot’s powerful and easy-to-use tools and integrations to attract, engage, and delight customers. ⚠ Disclaimer: The videos on our YouTube channel are for informational purposes only, and are not intended as an endorsement for any of the products or services that we feature. #HubSpot #digitalmarketing

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23 thoughts on “What is Digital Marketing? | 4 Easy Tips + Examples (2022)

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  2. Great info and video.I’ve watched a fair few marketing videos and none made me actually laugh, so thanks 🤣

  3. Well this was a delight.
    I was watching something else, all in an effort to learn about creating an online business and stumbled across your page and all that Hubspot has to offer. I took a quick tour of all the free stuff and was blown away as this is all the stuff I need to learn (I was even ready to pay but you guys are offering so much for free).
    So even though I have no online business presence yet, and know nothing about so many things I need to know, I am sticking around to learn more. Thank you Hubspot, I’m your newest Super Fan.

  4. Amazing video, A friend of mine referred me to a financial adviser sometime ago and we got talking about investment and money. I started investing with $120k and in the first 2 months , my portfolio was reading $274,800. Crazy right!, I decided to reinvest my profit and gets more interesting. For over a year we have been working together making consistent profit just bought my second home 2 weeks ago and care for my family.

    1. @Charlotte Elizabeth I’m mentally and almost financially drained with recurring losses. I appreciate the help, I’ll definitely reach out to her as well.

  5. I was brought here from an article that my University recommended, and I LOVED this video. I love that I learned and laughed within a few seconds of each other. Thank you for showing your personality through an educational video! 🙂 You’ve got a new subscriber 🙂

  6. OK I think after watching the intro to web3 video and this one, this has to be one of my favorite channels on YT. Nicely done and thoroughly enjoyed this concise and fun video about digital marketing – ty!

  7. This is informative. I love when information is shared in chunks. Also Jamal is funny AF. Homie said JaRule may be one of the 7% not on the internet.

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