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What I Hope To See In Emily In Paris Season 2
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What I Hope To See In Emily In Paris Season 2

Season 1 of Emily in Paris came out during Sydney’s first lockdown, just after my wedding was postponed, my airline tickets weren’t refunded, I was unemployed, and feeling a little sorry for myself.

Whilst some people took it WAY too seriously and exclaimed it was the worst thing to hit Netflix and Paris, I enjoyed it for what it was: an escape from reality in a beautiful city.

I’m excited about the second season as I’m hoping I’ll be able to recognise more of the locations featured from my time living there throughout 2020 and 2021.

I have been seeing the trailer all over social and thought I’d write a light-hearted version of what Emily in Paris ought to include to make it more realistic- and keep the haters away!

I understand it’s as ‘real’ as it is ‘real’ for Carrie to live in the apartment she does writing a column a week or that there’s an actual game that kills off its contestants playing red light, green light, however, I think no experience living in Paris is complete without featuring a few of these…

Taking the metro in Paris

In Paris you’d be crazy to take a car anywhere and to get around, you’re likely going to have the most luck ducking underground and jumping on the metro. I say likely as this needs to take into account strikes and random stops in the middle of two platforms for no explained reason. It also sometimes smells like urine (and by sometimes I mean 9 times out of 10), it’s cramped and whilst some of the musical buskers can be very talented, there are also the more confronting beggers who haven’t been fortunate enough to have access to regular bathing.

Getting a visa in Paris

I’m sure her office probably took care of this, but I think it’d be hilarious to see Emily visiting the Prefecture trying to sort out her visa. This place is an absolute nightmare and probably, along with the French medicare office, the most frustrating place any foreigner can visit. Long lines, dossiers of paperwork and eye rolls from staff who seem to make up new rules each time you visit, it’s a joyful experience for anyone.

Apartments in Paris

Again I know it’s just a show, but her apartment is next-level incredible and it’d be very rare for her to secure a place so BIG. Again, perhaps her office arranged this but I lived in 17 square metres and it cost 1,300 euros a month in the north of the 17th so she should be counting her blessings!

Her choice of footwear

I am relieved to see in the trailer below Emily finally found some flat shoes. If she’s not taking the metro or bus around, chances are she’s walking, and Parisian streets are not high-heel friendly. Cobblestones + heels = unhappy ankles!

Trying to find a bathroom

In Paris, finding a bathroom is always a challenge (especially during lockdown!). Sure you may find one, but it won’t be free. I think it’d be hilarious seeing Emily negotiating at a bistro to use their bathroom sans paying.

More diversity

The show is VERY white and this just isn’t the case at all in Paris. The city is a melting pot of many French people from different cultural backgrounds and I think it’s important this is explored more than the token Asian best friend and black co-worker.

With all that being said, I’m looking forward to binging the show when it’s released on December 22 and can’t wait to see what adventures Emily gets up to in Paris.

-tgfs x

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