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22 thoughts on “What does an accounting professional do as well as why is it…

  1. That is just a part of accounting field. There’s a lot of careers u could choose from for being an accountant but first u have a attain a certification to advance ur competitors like CPA certification or if u want to work in finance u can choose CFA or both.

    1. in fact, accounting only contains basic math such as addition, subtraction, and division (multiplying often involved in percentages) and yeah, it’s easier since we have calculators!

      Being good at making and organizing spreadsheets is another fundamental skill when you’re an accountant, and you also need to have knowledge about statistics and constructing presentations~

  2. The reason i am watching this video is because the man character in my story is a financial manager, and this video helps so much that I can actually focus on how he does his work and why it’s awesome. Thank you for the video!

  3. This video does not accurately reflect what Accountants do. Accountants are hired to deal with convoluted rules and to do the record keeping for people. Its not glamorous and we could not tell you whether or not you should sell markers until you’ve sold them for at least 5 years and demonstrated profitability or a trend toward it.

  4. The hardest part of accounting is the work load, the actual accounting is easy.. but when you work for a company like Walmart or Target that sells 100+ products, has 20+ vendors and every other week is a sale.. AND a not so productive team, it gets ugly lol

  5. God bless you Mr Robert ! If trading was easy then everyone would be doing it. I feel shortchanged having also spent a lot on trading courses and materials without tangible results, it just seems everyone wants to sell their course. Thanks to you, I’ll be adopting a more practical approach 👆(ontact above ⬆️

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