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We Need To Talk About Fast Homeware – KeiSei Magazine


There are pros and cons of having constant access to lifestyle imagery 

The downside is that we can start to feel some kind of pressure to have our lives ‘Instagram ready’ at all times. However, life isn’t like that and it’s practically unattainable. We can also start to lose our own sense of style and fall into the trap of just following trends and trends don’t last forever. 

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “fashions fade, style is eternal.” 

Fast homeware lacks individualism and do we really want our homes to look like everyone else’s?

It’s not all bad news, the upside of this situation is that there is more opportunity to discover small and exciting brands that we may never have been aware of otherwise. Independent, sustainable brands now have the chance to reach an international audience which is pretty great. Supporting small creatives and their businesses not only means so much more to them than shopping at a big brand but it also allows us to create a space that represents us and our interests.

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