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*WARNING* Your Silver is Getting TAKEN from You!

#silverstacking #preciousmetals #silverslayer To buy Silver from Miles Franklin, just send an email to [email protected] ask what they have in stock! They will match ANY PRICE from another major bullion dealer! Make sure you let them know Slayer sent you! They will love to hear it & also supports me for free! Silver stacking is by far the best investment! Precious metals are a great way to protect your wealth but stacking silver in particular has more opportunity beyond gold and other precious metals. Silvers price will drastically rise in the coming years for many reasons i explain on my channel, so make sure to subscribe. There’s no wrong way to stack silver! There’s not even a wrong way to buy silver! Selling your silver can be dangerous so make sure you watch my videos explaining how to safely sell. The best way to stack silver is buy the physical silver bullion and store it away! Some investors buy silver coins that are more expensive but i recommend beginners starting to stack silver to play it safe, buying silver bullion with the lowest spot prices. Silver stacking will change your life! Financial freedom and understanding the value of true wealth is what buying silver represents πŸ™‚ Keep on stacking! Link to the article – *Clothing for Silver Stackers! *Make sure to subscribe for daily silver videos* Subscribe to my new Silver Stacking Podcast! Silver is by far the best investment for many reasons explained in this video, even beyond other Precious Metals such as gold. Silver stacking is the best way to secure your wealth into something that has intrisical value (real value). If you are a beginner silver stacker or new into the precious metals world then i highly encourage you to subscribe and watch as many silver stacking videos as you can because its called a silver stacking STRATEGY for a good reason. Don’t worry too much about silver prices or spot price because buying silver is storing your wealth into something of real value. If you would like to donate, here are the links – – Paypal / – Bitcoin / bc1qs50eqxv49q3j9t0je33kqa3yl6uha6rg2lwgly (All donations are extremely appreciate, but only donate if you want to) ** SUBSCRIBE IF YOUR ADDICTED TO SILVER, LIKE ME ** Follow me on reddit! Join the Wallstreetsilver movement! Become an exclusive member of the Slayer Elite here! Bitcoin donations are welcome πŸ™‚ bc1qs50eqxv49q3j9t0je33kqa3yl6uha6rg2lwgly Follow me on Instagram! Subscribe to my 2nd channel – Business email – [email protected] ***DO NOT invest more than you are willing to lose.. every investment has risk involved. I am NOT a financial advisor, do not seek financial advice from this channel as i am only sharing my experience & opinion involving the world of Precious Metals & Cryptocurrency. Always be careful & responsible.. do your research before investing into ANYTHING*** Key topics my channel discusses: Silver Stacking, Silver Stacking coins, Silver prices, Silver bullion, Investing in silver, Stacking silver, Silver coins, Precious Metals, Buying silver, Silver for beginners, How to buy silver, How to stack silver, Best silver to stack, Best silver coins, Silver stacking stragies, Gold vs. Silver, Silver bars, The silver shortage, Silver eagles, Silvers price in 2022. – Slayer

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20 thoughts on “*WARNING* Your Silver is Getting TAKEN from You!

  1. To buy Silver from Miles Franklin, just send an email to [email protected] ask what they have in stock! They will match ANY PRICE from another major bullion dealer! Make sure you let them know Slayer sent you! They will love to hear it & also supports me for free!

    1. I checked out Miles franklin,, should mention when promoting them that they generally specialize in Large orders. The would not even price match me on Kangaroos unless I bought 1500+. Not a great source for new or small time stackers.

    2. @Freedom4ALL had nothing to do with the mint, even Philharmonics. I think their moto is go big or go home. LOL

    3. Made My First Oder with Miles Franklin on the week of the 10th of Oct with a 2 and a Half week delivery Should be soon…. No updates as of yet. 10/24…..

  2. My speculation is that they don’t have that much gold neither, but silver gets checked easier because the price is so low and everyone’s rushing to buy silver, especially India resulting in the vault runs. So the solution now would be either to artificially pump up the price to stop people from buying or get found out that they never have that many silver.

  3. They do what banks do it seems…..make money on your silver. They invest it and hold a low percentage. That’s why etfs take 4-5 days to clear… gives them float days to move sums of money into and out of investments. Then, they charge you fees to make money with your money. These silver holders are just making money on your silver.

  4. And, as usually in this world nothing will happen to them. We will be left holding the bag. Nothing ever changes. Regulation does not exist….oversight does not exist. “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. We seem to exist to be robbed by the elite over and over…..generation to generation.

  5. Companies are not people……they cheat and steal. Nothing happens. Companies are created for stealing and making money by breaking laws. Nothing happens because they have shell companies to shield all liability. What can they do? dissolve the company! Who the F cares. You won’t get your silver. It’s a rich man’s game. Don’t be silly….elites live to steal and defraud…..they do what they want impervious to retribution or punishment. They built the system. Do as thou will as according to their master’s credo.

  6. They probably floating the story to discourage you and me from converting our 401k to silver and gold. Or they want people to slowly take money out. It’s usually the opposite of what the intention is. It’s Hegelian Philosophy or PRS (problem reaction solution). Finance is about moving the heard. They float stories to create waves of action that would not otherwise happen and then they do the opposite. Or this is setting the stage for when nobody gets their silver back- a desensitization or predictive programming. You as an investor are being programmed to accept that you aren’t getting your silver back. So which is it? It’s you holding the bag and the elite dinning out on their yacht or political funds to organize and execute the agendas.

  7. I only hold physical silver as well. I did have a bunch of gold that I purchased between 1993 and December of 2006 but traded it for silver in March of 2020 on the day that silver dipped. The gold to silver ratio that morning was 125 to 1. I haven’t purchased any gold since 2006. I’m all in on silver and after watching other videos like this, makes me supper happy that I’ve put it all on the big S for silver.

  8. Quite frankly, that’s what everyone who thinks he owns “paper” Silver, deserves.
    You either HOLD the thing, or you’re just fooling yourself.

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