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Trek to Kedarkantha
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Trek to Kedarkantha for First Timers – BackPackClan

Planning to take a trek to Kedarkantha and it’s your first time? You certainly need to keep the below-mentioned tips at the top of your mind before embarking on this trek to Kedarkantha. 

Tips for Trek To Kedarkantha for first timers

  • Make it a point to plan your trek with a trekking company as this will help you with getting quality accommodation in Sankri and a hassle-free trekking experience.
  • If you are planning to take your vehicle be sure to book your accommodation beforehand in Sankri so that you get proper provisions for parking and accommodation on arrival. 
  • Renting trekking poles, trekking bags and trekking shoes can be done in Sankri but make sure that you check the availability if travelling during peak season. 
  • Due to frequent power cuts in Sankri, electricity can be an issue. Therefore, it is advisable to charge your phones and cameras in advance or you can also carry extra batteries.
  • Carry a flask or water bottle so that you can drink warm water throughout your trek. 
  • Don’t forget to carry an extra pair of woollen socks and a hot water bag if you cannot bare low temperatures. 
  • Don’t travel heavily as you can manage with fewer pairs for a shorter trip. All you need is to pick clothes according to the season and avoid unnecessary stuff. But, must carry 3-4 layers which are light to carry. 
  • Carry a suitable trekking backpack to stuff your things, as you will be carrying it while trekking too. 
  • If you are travelling from Delhi to Dehradun, it would be better to take a train rather than a bus as it is more comfortable and on time.
  • Note that there will be no network after Purola (halfway to Sankri) so make all your important calls beforehand
  • No ATMS after Mori so take out the cash if you need it in Dehradun itself.
  • Do not litter your surroundings as these mountains are sacred and it is very difficult to clean. You can carry a small pouch for all the plastic wrappers and other waste and throw them in designated waste bins.
  • Smoking, drinking and drugs should be avoided during the trek or in the hotel in Sankri.
  • Keep a water bottle with you to hydrate yourself and munch the energy bars until the trek finishes. It will be a 25 km long trek through the beautiful trails, amidst pine and oak forests, crossing river streams to witness the breathtaking view. 
  • You should also keep a headlight with you, in case you trek in dark. 

The above discussed are some of the most important tips for Trek to Kedarkantha that one should always follow being a first-timer.

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