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Top 4 Safety Tips for DIY Junk Removal – Cheyenne Hauling

DIY junk removal can be a great way to save time and money when it comes to getting rid of unwanted items around the house. However, it is important to take certain safety precautions when engaging in DIY junk removal to ensure that it is done safely and efficiently. Here are our top four safety tips for DIY junk removal, and if you need professional junk removal services, call Cheyenne Hauling today!

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear

When engaging in DIY junk removal, it is important to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Make sure you are wearing sturdy shoes, such as boots or sneakers, and thick gloves to protect your hands. Additionally, wear pants or long sleeves to protect your skin from any sharp edges that may be present.

Be aware of your surroundings

When removing items from a property, be aware of the environment around you. Be aware of any hazardous materials that may be present, such as lead paint or asbestos, and take the necessary precautions. Additionally, be mindful of your surroundings and be mindful of steps that can pose a tripping hazard.

Be aware of your physical limitations

DIY junk removal can be a physically demanding job, so it is important to be aware of your physical limitations. If the items you are removing are too heavy or bulky for you to lift on your own, it’s best to call for professional junk removal services in Cheyenne rather than hurt yourself moving heavy and bulky items.

Dispose of Junk items properly

After you have removed the unwanted items from the property, make sure you dispose of them properly. Don’t leave them in the street or dump them in a landfill. Instead, look for local recycling centers or donation centers that can accept the items.


Following these safety tips can help ensure that your DIY junk removal job is done safely and efficiently. Be sure to take the necessary precautions and follow all safety guidelines to ensure that the job is done properly.

Cheyenne Hauling has years of experience helping residents and business owners in Cheyenne, Laramie, and the surrounding communities, including Northern Colorado with the best junk removal services. Call for a free estimate today!

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