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The WORST veneer I’ve ever worked on… Furniture Restoration

The veneer on this dresser was damaged beyond repair. Watch me restore it back to life! I wasn’t sure how the veneer edge bands would be as an alternative to one large veneer. They normally aren’t used to cover a wide area, and I couldn’t find anyone online who attempted the same thing. My main concern was that the contact cement would seep up between the strips as I pressed them down, but this wasn’t a big issue. It happened in a few spots, and it was easily fixed with some careful knifing. In the end, the piece turned out to my satisfaction, especially since the stain color was very close to what I had envisioned with the Flagstone stain. However, I probably won’t ever use veneer edge bands to cover a large surface area again… Buying a sheet of veneer would have been WAY easier! Oh and I forgot to mention in the video. I didn’t stain the drawers like I did with the body because I noticed that the veneer on the drawers were “reddish”, so using the same Flagstone stain wouldn’t have resulted in the same color as the body. Since the handles were already black, I didn’t want the drawers themselves to be distracting. Thus, I decided to just topcoat right after sanding the existing stain. Anyways, thank you for watching! If you have any questions, comment them below and I’ll get back to you 🙂 – Andy ———- Below is a list of the tools and products that I used. Razor Blade Scraper: Heat Gun: Contact Cement: Stripper: Oil Based Stain (Flagstone): Water Based Stain (Black): Topcoat (Water Based, Flat): SurfPrep Electric Sander: (code MODERN10 for -10%) As a disclaimer, the above links may be affiliate links, so if you make a purchase with the links provided, I may receive a small commission. There’s no extra charge to you, but it helps me out! ———- Follow me on Instagram to see more makeovers that you won’t see here on YouTube:

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20 thoughts on “The WORST veneer I’ve ever worked on… Furniture Restoration

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  1. Don’t like the stain, it makes it look dirty….otherwise great job re-doing a vintage piece! 😄

  2. I seen another drawer just like this in the Goodwill yesterday I like it because of the colors in the drawer handles you did an amazing job this was a very calming video

  3. What stain was that gray thing? Let us know so that we’ll never consider buying it. The restoration was great until you put that stain on. Absolutely made the thing look older than when you restored it.

  4. OMG! What talent! How you took trash and made such a beautiful piece is truely a masterpiece. This is one for the books!!!

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