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Spider grow light

THE Perfect 1m² (3x3ft) Grow Light!? SpiderFarmer SE 3000 Unbox, Review and PAR

Hoocho Unboxes, Reviews and PAR Tests the SpiderFarmer SE 3000 Grow Light Website Link: Product Link: Hoochos explores the worlds of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture, Homesteading, Fermentation, Technology and DIY Builds to look at the world through a larger lens that can incorporate the best of everything into a rich and rewarding lifestyle. Through self sufficiency we can reduce consumption and increase our hyperlocal household production. ———————————————————————— STL Files are Available on the Hoocho Patreon: ———————————————————————— Contributions to the Channel: ———————————————————————— Equipment I Recommend: ———————————————————————— High Quality Combo PH & EC Meter: HI9813-6 Portable pH / EC /TDS /Temperature Meter- EC Meters: Bluelab Truncheon EC Meter- PH Meters: Bluelab PH Pen: 3D Printer: Creality Ender-3 Pro- Wyze Cams for Plant Time-lapsing: Wyze Cam V3- Wyze Cam Outdoor- Physical Rain Gutter Grow System Ends:

Float Valves for RGGS: Cheap Printer Filament AUS- ———————————————————————— Merch: ———————————————————————— Teespring: The Shirt I Wear: ———————————————————————— Social Media & Contact ———————————————————————— Patreon: Facebook Group: Reddit Community: Facebook: Instagram: Business Enquiries: [email protected] ———————————————————————— If you have personal queries about hydroponics or other matters please join me on Patreon for limited individual support or post in the Hoocho Reddit community or on the Hoocho’s facebook group and there are a lot of friendly helpful likeminded people that may have answers for you. ———————————————————————— Happy Hydroponicing!

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