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The most visited shopping centres in Tenerife – Hotel Vanilla Garden

Shopping is perfectly compatible with being on holiday, it is a perfect activity to carry out in the shopping centres of Tenerife.

Don’t you have the feeling that shopping centres are those giants that we never get to know completely? Sometimes you walk around them and you wonder: Has that shop always been there or has it just been opened? They are places with life that grow and change gradually, almost without you realising it. Today it’s time to get to know the best shopping centres in Tenerife and some other options for open shopping areas.

Let’s start by listing the activities you can do in an establishment of this type, so you don’t forget anything when you go for the adventure.

  • Shopping: One of the main activities in a shopping centre is shopping, obviously. You can find a wide variety of shops selling clothes, shoes, accessories, electronic equipment, books, among others. You can also find department stores and discount shops. And obviously, every large shopping centre has its food superstore.
  • Gastronomy: In a shopping centre you will usually find a wide variety of restaurants and places where you can have a snack or a drink. From fast food to restaurants with more complete menus, you can choose whatever you fancy. The big chain restaurants are always looking for a place to eat in these places.
  • Cinema: Another essential is to be able to see the latest films. City cinemas have all but disappeared in favour of shopping centres. Some cotufas (popcorn), please.
  • Spend time with the family: Shopping malls often have children’s play areas, where you can take your kids to have fun while you shop. You can also find places where you can do family activities, such as mini-golf, bowling or anything else you can think of. This includes game rooms, with arcade machines and board games.

Siam Mall

The most important shopping centre in the south of the island is called Siam Mall. It is located in the municipality of Adeje, next to the Siam Park water park and has the same theme and aesthetics.

Here you can find a wide range of gastronomy, the most renowned brands and shops and all kinds of products and services. It has an open part in the upper area, where you will find the restaurant area and a lower floor where you will find shops, hairdressers, bookshops and supermarkets.

They also organise a multitude of leisure activities throughout the year. A house of terror on Halloween, musical performances, raffles on social networks. It is a lively and active shopping centre.

Shopping center Tenerife

Meridiano Shopping Centre

It is the commercial reference in the capital of the island. It is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and its access is quite easy, as it is at the “beginning” of the city on the route of the two motorways that link the island.

Cinema, fashion, shoe shop, lingerie, restaurants, computers… there are an infinite number of services offered by this business. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Santa Cruz also has large open shopping areas with the Calle Castillo and a Corte Inglés. Both are just a short walk away.

La Villa Shopping Centre

This is the best known and largest shopping centre in the north of the island. In addition, next to it is the Centro Comercial El Trompo, which means that there are even more shops in the same area and a wider range of shops.

Here, as in the previous ones, you can find a multitude of brands, cinema, restaurants, furniture, technology and leisure.

These are just some of the examples that you can find on the island, an island that has large shopping areas in many of the municipalities and that is sustainably committed to local commerce and large supermarkets. If you want more advice on how and where to buy the best products, just ask the customer service team of Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel, we will be happy to help you.

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