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The Holistic Homestead, Health Starts at Home, Here’s to your Health!

Generosity makes the world go around – it keeps our families and communities strong, and is actually good for your health. According to, practicing generosity:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers stress levels
  • less anxiety and depression
  • increases self-esteem

As we step gently into the “season of giving” The Holistic Homestead has these three simple ideas to help you plan your giving and make your act of generosity truly count toward building a healthier, happier world.


Volunteer! As a volunteer powered nonprofit, the Homestead absolutely depends on the collective effort of individual community members to keep the doors open and the lights on. Giving of your time is so rewarding as you can see the direct positive impact of your service – feeding the community fresh healthy food through our Community Food Share, Pay-What-You-Can cafe, and Free Food Pantry!


Do you have marketing experience? I like to say the Homestead is Gilpin County’s best kept secret….while this is true, it’s also due to my lack of marketing expertise! Do you have a background in finance? We are needing support on all these background levels – marketing, finance, board management. Are you an artist? I love unique handmade gifts with the Homestead logo. Sharing your talent with the Homestead is truly meaningful and has a lasting impact.


Some folks think nonprofits get everything for free, and that’s how we give so much away. Well….that is simply not true. Nonprofits are businesses just like anyone else, except we have more restrictions on how we make and spend money! While in my dream world, EVERY business would be accountable to social welfare – in this economy, nonprofits are the business category that are organized explicitly to benefit the world. The Holistic Homestead has a reliable record of responsible fiscal management, and 100% of our revenue goes directly into our programs and services! Our fundraising needs this year are earmarked for:

  • A new commercial oven $3,000
  • A new backstock refrigerator for $2,000
  • A new highway flag (the last windstorm destroyed our flag!) $300
  • Replacing the glass door on our refrigerator $500
  • Investing in our inventory of natural supplements to support the holistic doctors at Clinica

Operational needs like staffing & rent directly contribute to making health and wellness accessible and affordable in our rural, mountain community. Your generous donations also support programs such as

  • Pay-What-You-Can Cafe
  • Purchasing sustainably grown produce from local farms
  • Sunday free pantry
  • Used Durable Medical Equipment Lending program
  • Hands On Health for Kids!
  • Farmers Market


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