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The Great ‘Lockdown-Liberty’ Giveaway

Well folks, the end of the lockdown tunnel is in sight so what better way to cheer ourselves up than with a good old family giveaway!

Whether you’re nervous about the increased freedom, or raring to be up and out there, this brilliant outdoor prize giveaway package includes plenty to inspire you to plan some awesome family adventures.

I’ve teamed up with partners old and new to offer one lucky reader this fantastic family gift package to make it a doddle to get outdoors again. The family prize includes items for children, teens and adults. Win, win!

Here’s what you win: –

  • Lifestraw Play kids filtering water bottle – worth £25
  • Great British Adventure Map – worth £10
  • The Doorstep Mile book by Alastair Humphreys – worth £6
  • Adventure Accessories crocheted water bottle holder – worth £9
  • You Can Have an Outdoor Adventure children’s book by Alex Gregory – worth £7.99
  • i-Spy book selection (Garden, Nature, Birds) – worth £8.97

No time to read the blurb? Scroll down to enter

Lifestraw Play Kids Filtering Water Bottle

Especially for kids but great for adults too, this lightweight but durable water bottle filters water directly into a bottle – from the tap, a stream or water fountain, ensuring perfectly clean, fresh water whether you’re in the middle of the city or the wild.

To confirm how well the water bottle works, read my review.

Great British Adventure Map

Unfold this crazy cartography on a family picnic to plan all the crazy places you’d like to visit post-lockdown, from places such as and to events such as the UK Toe Wrestling Championships or Nettle Eating Competition.

Image of Great British Adventure Map front and back

For more info on madcap map reading mayhem, read our full review.

The Doorstep Mile
(book by Alastair Humphreys)

If you’ve got any uncertainties about forthcoming freedom or if you’re simply bored and need inspiration to have more fun, Alastair Humphreys’ self-help guide for teens and burnt-out adults encourages us all to live more adventurously every day

The Doorstep Mile book sitting on purple and pink wellington boots with daisy on cover

For more info on this inspirational read, check out my book review here.

Crocheted Bottle Holder

Sarah at Adventure Accessories crochets and crafts beautiful handmade gifts for outdoorsy adventures. She has very generously donated this fab blue and white crocheted bottle holder with shoulder strap, perfect for your kids to carry their Lifestraw Play water bottle!

Blue and white crocheted water bottle holder with shoulder strap

You Can Have an Outdoor Adventure
(book by Alex Gregory)

Alex Gregory’s excellent new children’s book is perfectly pitched to encourage curious kids to get outdoors for adventures great and small, from bow and arrow making to bat spotting and tracking animals to wild swimming.

Blue book lying in grass title You Can Have an Outdoor Adventure by Alex Gregory

For a full review and pictures read my article here.

Three i-Spy spotter book titles; Nature, Birds & In the Garden

As well as Alex’s Outdoor Adventure book, Collins have kindly donated three i-Spy books for this giveaway. Brilliant nature inspiration, these books are a favourite from my own childhood and have just been revamped and updated. Lightweight and easy to flick through, they are great for your kiddos backpack or the glove box of the car.

Giveaway prize books ispy nature, birds and in the garden

Enter the Giveaway

Giveaway closes midnight GMT on Thursday 30th July 2020. Winner announced 01st August with the package arriving in time for some excellent August adventures.

Click link to enter GIVEAWAY!

Wild wishes everyone, for health and happiness going forward, and GOOD LUCK in the giveaway!


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Can’t wait for the giveaway draw?!

Buy all the items at Amazon now!

Click on the images to purchase.

Great British Adventure Map

Lifestraw Play Filtering Water Bottle

The Doorstep Mile

You Can Have an Outdoor Adventure

i-Spy Books

NB Kids of the Wild was gifted all the prizes to be donated to this giveaway.

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