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Silver Bullion


#Silver and #Gold investing, accumulating, could be no more urgent than now. When you look at current events, markets, and where central banks are taking us, understanding wealth protection and getting hold of gold and silver as stores of value, and as an insurance, becomes extremely important. Come see what we can do for you at in #Singapore. On our next livestream: THE GILT OF GOVERNMENTS EXPOSED. Pensions, more specifically unfunded pensions have come back to expose the fragility of the system. Could we see more government guilt and central bank intervention taking place throughout the world? Before that we’ll take a look at a few things Steve St. Angelo said, a few topics from Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal, and some current news and events from Twitter. Please join me Sunday night October 2nd at 9pm Eastern, Monday morning October 3rd at 9am Singapore. See you then! If you have a 401K, Self-Directed IRA, Superannuation fund, or other retire accounts, now is the time to consider rolling it over into a precious metals IRA. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you. It’s easier than you think and yes the precious metals in our IRA can be stored in Singapore. If you have concerns about what is going on around you, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll let you know what options we have available for wealth protection for you.

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