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The FBI's Cryptic Russian Billboard At New York JFK - Live and Let's Fly
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The FBI’s Cryptic Russian Billboard At New York JFK – Live and Let’s Fly

The FBI has posted an odd billboard in Russian at New York Kennedy (JFK). Is this a joke or is the FBI blatantly recruiting Russian assets who are fleeing Mother Russia?

Odd FBI Billboard At JFK

A friend snapped the following picture earlier this week at New York JFK:

Translated, it simply reads, “Welcome to New York Regards, FBI.”

If you follow the QR code it brings you to a webpage with the same message.

I could understand if this was a CIA ad trying to recruit assets in Russia, but I am not clear about the link between the FBI and Russia. What is it that the FBI is looking for? Or is it all just a joke?

Apparently, the FBI trolled the Russian Embassy with similar billboards as well as a social media campaign after the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Per The Washington Post:

The ads are designed to capitalize on any dissatisfaction or anger within Russian diplomatic or spy services — or among Russian emigres to the United States — over the invasion of Ukraine, an event that counterintelligence experts call a huge opportunity for the U.S. intelligence community to recruit new sources.

But the New York JFK ad is a bit more benign. There is no contact information. The whole “welcome to New York” message seems to be lacking context.


I too join in welcoming disgruntled Russians to New York and wish you a great life of prosperity in this land. And sure, if you want the USA to undermine Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, by all means, do so. But I am not sure what the point of this billboard is at JFK.

What do you make of the FBI ad at JFK?

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