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The Fabulous World Of Graff - VELVET Magazine
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The Fabulous World Of Graff – VELVET Magazine

written by Sary Rayess AJP GIA.

In this piece, we decided to shine a bright light on some of the most luxurious diamonds in the world and the House responsible for polishing and cutting to perfection. Meet Graff, a story of diamonds!

Graff’s story unfolds over six decades — driven by the pursuit of craft, a fixation with detail and a devotion to beauty. Since Laurence Graff OBE established the company in London in 1960, his fascination with the emotional power of gemstones has transformed Graff into a global hallmark of innovation, creativity and craftsmanship.

For over half a century, the House of Graff has represented the rarest gemstones. Generations of the Graff family have employed their expertise and experience, personally selecting every stone and – uniquely among diamond houses – presiding over every step of its journey. No stage is bypassed. No shortcuts are taken. Only perfection matters.

Here are 4 of the most iconic Graff creations:

Sometimes – all too rarely – nature conspires to create something truly heart-stopping in its splendour. The 269 carat rough diamond discovered in Botswana could have produced dozens of spectacular stones, but Graff saw the potential for two immaculate, identical 50 carat stones of astonishing colour and clarity: The Eternal Twins.

The Infinity Diamond

Certified by the GIA as a top D colour and weighing 157.80 carats, the Infinity is one of the largest heart shape diamonds in the world.
Ruby And Diamond Earrings

Each ruby employed is hand selected by the Graff family, and must pass a rigorous selection process before it is set. Graff’s master craftsmen ensure each gemstone is nestled in a carefully crafted collet that allows the ardent hue of the stone to radiate, creating a flawless jewel bursting with vivid colour, such as these ruby and diamond drop earrings.

Cocktail Hour

Radiating femininity, Graff’s pink diamond watch is truly captivating.Matching and setting more than 380 pink diamonds weighing almost 16 carats into a single high jewellery watch, encompassing the dial, the bezel and the bracelet, was an extraordinary feat. The round silhouettes of the stones inspired the elegant, circular design, with the minimal rose gold settings allowing each pink diamond to dance with colour and light.

Why Graff is Unique

Having the world’s most fabulous gems at Graff’s disposal gives their design atelier a unique opportunity to create extraordinary jewellery. Beyond the whims of fashion, their designs are known for their deceptive simplicity, their perfect balance and proportion, and their sensuous, feminine power.

The process of becoming a Graff master craftsman is akin to being entrusted with a book of secrets, gaining access to skills and techniques that simply could not be learned elsewhere. In their London workshop, traditions dating back centuries meet cutting-edge innovations, and creative dreams become reality!

Discovering the most brilliant gem-quality diamonds demands an expedition deep into the earth, the most challenging treasure hunt imaginable. Day after day, Graff’s gemologists strive to uncover gemstones that equal or surpass the finest diamonds ever unearthed. Often many millions of years old, every Graff stone is responsibly mined and traceable to its source.

The task of Graff’s cutters and polishers requires astonishing dexterity, precision and patience. It is due to their skill and vision that Graff can unlock the hidden radiance of the world’s most magnificent gems. With limitless passion and the steadiest of hands, they bring each stone to life, unlocking its exceptional beauty, time after time.

In the rough, a diamond has yet to reveal its secrets: it might become a cascade of small gems or a single, perfectly cut stone. Graff gemologists can spend months exploring the possibilities. When they have determined the optimal cut – however ambitious it may be – the diamond’s fate is set.

“The House of Graff stands for the finest, the rarest and only the very best stones.”

— Laurence Graff 
If you’d like to explore the world of Graff even more, visit their website at

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