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Gold Bullion

The $750,000 TEN KILO Gold Bullion Coin!

It’s not everyday you get to hold a 10 KILOGRAM gold coin in your hands, worth over $750,000! We did for a fleeting moment… and it was glorious. We documented the experience in EPIC UNBOXING fashion! Buy your favourite gold and silver bullion (shipped WORLDWIDE) from your favourite bullion dealer at Need to buy gold or silver in Melbourne, Australia? Come see Bullion Now for all your gold and silver bar and coin needs, now located right in the heart of the city! Need something a bit more special? Little Coin Shop has you covered with the best collection of collector’s items! And if you need to sell gold, silver or other precious metals… we pay 100% of spot price. To our knowledge, that’s the best in the business. Bullion Now & Little Coin Shop Suite 605, Level 6 227 Collins St Melbourne #BullionNow #Gold #Melbourne 00:00 The Unbagging 03:56 The Reveal

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