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Hen Party

The 15 Year Old’s Hen Party | Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

In Irish Traveller culture, you’re never too young to start planning your big day… With their surprisingly strict, traditional values, unmarried couples aren’t even allowed out without a chaperone and many freedoms only come after marriage including living alone. So it’s no surprise that young women in the traveller community count the days until they get married. In this video we meet Danielle who is determined to live her life in a traditional way. Her wedding is due to take place on her 16th birthday. So she’ll be having her hen party celebrations at 15 years old. The theme is a lavish ‘black, pink and bling’ party – with all the outrageous flamboyance you’d expect from a traveller party. The only problem is, her 20 year old fiancé Brendan is due in court on the same day and if found guilty, at risk of going to prison. Content licensed from Firecracker Films. For any enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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16 thoughts on “The 15 Year Old’s Hen Party | Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

  1. She’s not got the right one. She too nice and he’s a punk. I think he’s verbally abusive .and sounds cocky not love .

  2. Fairly sure Brendan is inbred and has some sort of mental deficit. My guess is his daddy is also his cousin or something. And this seems really backward. The girls dress like hookers and dance like pole dancers yet are not allowed to explore sexually until they are married? They are allowed to marry as children? I would rather my daughter date different men to find the right one than get married at 16 to the first boy she meets. Especially if he’s that much older than her and a bloody criminal. This girls family would probably shun her if she had sex before marriage but don’t bat an eyelid when she marries a man going to jail? Make it make sense. These poor girls are raised to be nothing more than house slaves and child bearers and to bow down to men. The boys can go and sleep around and do what they please but women can’t? This is like some really weird twisted medieval shit going on.

  3. They ot really gipsyes the real orginal gypsies comes from India called sinties they ain’t white ppp but brown ppl they also not allowed to dress like this .woman aren’t allowed to wear pants or any short dress code they wear long skirts to cover they curves because of moral reason.those ppl that you guys see here are called traveler white ppl who latched on and call themselves gypsies with is super offending they don’t even speak the Language witch is called romenes those rent original traditional gypsies in our culture woman don’t walk around like this never it’s a disgrace and a shame

    1. I would love to know any updates about this couple. I don’t wish divorce on a couple but certainly she has so much more potential than to settle with Brendan.

  4. I would like to meet some travelers and see if this is REALLY their culture or if it has been Hollyweirded up. Like a LOT.

  5. Traveller men are an embarrassment. The girls are raised to be nothing more than brood mares for older men – they’re subjected to rules laid down by their fathers and adhered to by their mothers who’ll either get a slap or be banished if they don’t go along with their husband’s wishes.Young girls – their own daughters for fuck sake – forced into leaving education and disallowed from working and being independent so they can be married when their little more than kids themselves and expected to spit out kids by the boatload for a culture stuck in the 1700’s. The girls convince themselves into believing it’s what they want but in truth they know no better as it’s what they’ve been brought up to believe – it’s simple brainwashing really. It’s very sad.

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