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Super Salaam – Diani Beach Camping Over New year Holidays

Super Salaam – Diani Beach Camping Over New year Holidays

An overnight trip to any location requires a lot of planning, and this one was no different. A trip to Tanzania by road offers the best experience for any adventurous traveller.

Starting at the Namanga border post, one spends at least an hour getting past the immigration. However, the hilly landscapes offer the best backdrop for photographic keepsakes!


Having all the appropriate stamps, we headed to the first stop that was in Arusha – Maasai camp – which offered camping grounds as well as shared accommodation and self-contained accommodation. These varied options allow the tourist to choose according to their preference. 


The morning saw the journey continue to Dar, which had a pleasant surprising view of the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is here that we had an alfresco breakfast, which was very welcome considering that we had a 16-hour journey ahead of us.


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On arrival at Kipepeo village, we were presented with the option of camping by the beach, having a beachfront banda, or a self-contained chalet. Any beachfront is always welcome and this writer spent the next 3 nights in a beachfront banda and slept to the sound of the ocean waves lapping against the shore – handy tip – carry an extension cable because the socket is only one.


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While at the Kipepeo village, there is the enticing option of visiting the famous Sinda island which is a 25 minute boat ride. The island has cool clear waters that are dotted with marine life such as starfish and the sea urchins which are quite dangerous despite their harmless spiny appearance.


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While on the island, one can engage in free swimming (all precautions observed) and paddle boarding.  The following morning we visited the water park ‘Kunduchi wet and wild’.

The amazing slides ensured maximum fun while the life-guards did an excellent job of ensuring that no accidents happened – a very well-managed team. Taking random photos is also not allowed unless you are taking photos of the team that you visit with – quite a good rule that ensures the privacy of the patrons.

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The water park and Sinde Island were the highlights of the trip. We headed out the following day with the goal of coming back home through Diani – famed for its white beaches and marvellous sunrise. While at Diani, Twiga lodge was our home for the night and there was the option of beach camping or apartments.

This writer chose the oceanfront apartments which rewarded her with a lovely view of the sunrise from her balcony – the ocean never disappoints – the glistening water, dotted by sailboats in the distance, accentuated by the sound of the ocean lapping its waters by the shore – amazing! The ocean is never enough! 

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A journey of this duration – 6 days/5 nights –  requires a sturdy vehicle and courtesy of Starboard safaris, we had a beast of a machine – built for the road. Whether by road or air, Tanzania is a must-visit for any avid traveller.

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