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Sunveno DuPont Baby Nest Wings

Just as precious as your little one, this cozy Sunveno DuPont Wings Baby Lounger ensures a perfect sleep for your delicate baby! This baby nest by Sam Box, follows the highest quality standards. It’s made with high-quality DuPont Corn Fiber Mattress with Soft Skin Cool Lenzing Modal fabric with amazing properties of High Permeability and Pressure Redistribution. This breathable and antibacterial baby bed is unique in design with a gentle angle which is a special anti-reflux feature to make baby sleep comfortably in upright position to avoid reflux and colic. The DuPont Corn Fiber Filling along with soft modal lenzing fabric gives baby a feeling of being inside mum’s tummy. Good for all seasons. It’s a perfect solution while you are traveling as it comes with a carry bag for you to easily carry it along during travel times. Its unique shape and a belt to tug in the little one, makes it a perfect solution for you and your partner to co-sleep with your baby. A perfect gift for your new-born until 1 year old for his sleep, nappy change or tummy time!

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