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StretchMed Opens in “Downtown” Weston: Open House and Promotional Rates
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StretchMed Opens in “Downtown” Weston: Open House and Promotional Rates

On Thursday January 5, the Owl got a chance to speak by phone with the owner of Weston’s latest new business StretchMed, which officially opened on January 3, 2023. Aimee Welch, who is a Sudbury resident but we do not blame her for Weston Boys Soccers humiliating 0-9 loss to L-S this past fall (yes, I digress), also owns the StretchMed location in Sudbury which opened in May 2022. Since the Owl is the least stretchy person in the universe, barring one Owlet, the idea of assisted stretching is pretty interesting.


Owl: Tell me a bit about StretchMed in general. What is the experience/training of the stretchy people? (hereafter known as their actual title of certified stretch therapists)

Aimee: StretchMed does 1-on-1 stretching to help our clients eliminate chronic pain, increase mobility, rejuvenate, and help them move better. Our Weston manager is Rohan Trench, and I know a number of Weston residents have already met him and have feel better for the experience already!

StretchMed is a leader in in training and certifying its therapists. To become certified, a therapist at StretchMed needs to have 100 hours of training which includes anatomy classes, hands-on practice and testing. It’s part of the franchise training methodology which is proprietary, and developed by the founders of StretchMed who are 25-year veterans of exerciese science. There are stretching techniques which are particular to StretchMed and we make sure all employees are properly trained.

Owl: Is there a main age group to which you cater? Would student-athletes be a target market?

Aimee: We see people from students to senior citizens. Under 18s need the sign-off of a parent or guardian. I would say that our experience so far in Sudbury is that there is a concentration in the 40s-50s age group, but really assisted stretching benefits everyone. You don’t have to be an athlete. Maybe you sit at a desk all day –you get tightened up from just sitting. Assisted stretching will help feel anyone feel better, improve mobility and flexibility and help you avoid pain so there is prevention in there, too.

Owl: Why Weston? Do we seem particularly stressed out to you?

Aimee: We love the community aspect of places like Sudbury and Weston. We do think we can make an impact here (and elsewhere) on the alleviation of chronic pain, and yes, stress relief. And when the opportunity came up to take over the space at 450 Boston Post Road, we had to jump, even though we had just opened a couple of months before in Sudbury.

Owl: What is a typical session like?

Aimee: The sessions are scheduled for a 50-minute duration and are 1-on-1. The Weston location has a boutique feel with only four tables. While a person may come in with one issue, like a tight hamstring or general back pain, we all know there is a kinetic chain and a full body stretch is how to make all the connections feel better. It is holistic in nature, though of course we will work on a client’s specific focus areas. The session usually ends with percussion therapy – sometimes known as Hypervolt, and sometimes as massage gunning [Ed: Owlet terminology] which increases blood flow.

Owl: I see there is something called “membership.” Can you explain what this is?

Aimee: We hope that coming to StretchMed starts a long-term relationship. We even give homework! People tend to come in 1-4 times a week, but it depends on the situation. And it can be a short-term relationship too as people work out a kink prior to a marathon or after a major competition, or a work event where you’ve stressed up a shoulder or whatever. We accept drop-ins (or one-offs, really) but we are hoping to have people come back again and again. Our drop-in rate is the highest at $105 per session, but an introductory session is $59 [Read on for an even better deal for Owl readers]. The more you come in, the better your rate. is–and the first 50 members in Weston lock in for a great rate. We hope everyone will come in and experience the product, and then going forward we can discuss membership levels. Memberships are only a 30-day commitment and can be canceled month over month.

Owl: Tell me about this Family Membership.

Aimee: This is a great way to “share” a membership between family members. Maybe you don’t want to come in every other day but another family member can alternate with you. So you share the membership, and one person comes in Mondays and the other on Wednesdays, for example.

Owl: Anything else you want to add?

Aimee: Just that we have an online booking process, and that we do take FSA and HSA but insurance does not cover our services, unfortunately. Also, I’d love to offer your readers an exclusive promotion –  Use coupon code ‘WESTONOWL‘ for the month of January to book an Introductory Stretch & Assessment for just $29 (regularly $59). [Ed: By the way, the Owl is totally chuffed to have a named coupon code–this is a first for us!] Finally, we are holding an OPEN HOUSE this Saturday, January 14 from 9am – 2pm where we will offer FREE 10-minute demo stretches so the community can experience our service.  Come see us! Sign up is 

Welcome to Weston, StretchMed!

StretchMed is located at 450 Boston Post Road. You can find out more at their website by phone at 781-472-2313, email [email protected], or on social @stretchmedweston. Hours are Tuesday-Friday 8 am-6 pm, Saturday 8 am-2 pm, closed Sunday and Monday.


Please note that this is not a paid advertisement, nor did the Owl receive any services in exchange for this post. I do have a coupon code though and that is cool.

All images provided by StretchMed.

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