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Sterling silver gemstone rings buying tips – Luxuria

Sterling silver gemstone rings can be a good investment for almost everyone. There are so many gorgeous designs out there that can cater to individual tastes and preferences. 

When choosing a ring, it can be personalized to the wearer, especially if it is a piece that you will be wearing every day.

It can also be important to consider how it fits with any other jewelry that you wear, such as other rings or bracelets and necklaces.

In this guide, we will tell you exactly what you should know about sterling silver gemstone rings. 

1. Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Hypoallergic 

We’ve all had that unfortunate problem with a piece of jewelry that can irritate our skin. You end up suffering from symptoms such as redness, discomfort, itching, or even a small rash.

This is a real shame if this is a piece of jewelry you are fond of. It means that you are unable to wear it for long periods of time or will have to stop wearing it altogether.

This is due to the metal choice in the jewelry itself. Cheaper materials like brass, nickel, or other combinations of materials can cause irritation and an allergic reaction.

When looking to buy sterling silver gemstone rings insist on rhodium plated silver.  Not only does rhodium add resistance against scrapes and scratches, this expensive precious metal is hypoallergenic.

Luxuria Diamonds

With sterling silver jewelry, if it plated with rhodium, this is much less likely to happen to the wearer. Especially with sensitive areas like the hands and ears, rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry is always going to be a reliable option for sensitive skin. 

Different Gemstones Have Different Meanings 

This is one of the fascinating things about gemstones in jewelry pieces and rings, especially. Take, for example, birthday months. Each birthday month will correspond to a specific type of gemstone.

So if you know that your friend’s birthday is coming up in August, then you could get them a stone that is similar in color to either peridot, sardonyx, or spinel.

Choosing a gemstone that is representative of a wearer’s personality or has something personal meaning attached to it can be a great option for a gift.

You can also think about the color of the gemstone representing a type of power for the wearer.

PHOTO 1:  A round cut peridot gemstone set in sterling silver.   The neutrality of the silver base will allow the gemstones to shine and be the pride of your finger. [Source:  Luxuria Diamonds]

For example, yellow gemstones are associated with protection and healing. Or, if you choose a pink gemstone, this can represent love, friendship, and relaxation. 

Any gemstone set in a sterling silver design will look striking and have a fantastic contrast in comparison to the silver. The neutrality of the silver base will allow the gemstones to shine and be the pride of your finger.

Luxuria Diamonds

Sterling Silver Jewelry Never Goes Out of Fashion

When thinking about other jewelry trends and different materials, they can often go in and out of fashion. Big statement pieces can be very eye-catching and draw attention but can quickly become outdated.

This is never the case with sterling silver jewelry. Because it’s such a popular metal choice and isn’t showy and bold like some of the other metals, you can guarantee that there will always be silver jewelry being made. And in large quantities too!

Trying to keep up with individual trends and fashion can not only be time-consuming but expensive as well. 

With sterling silver jewelry, the precious material is timeless and always transcends the limitations of fashion and crazes. Investing in a few pieces will be beneficial as you will always be able to wear them all year round. 

Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings Offer Versatility

The great thing about sterling silver is that you are able to wear it for any occasion. If you want to have some go-to pieces for casual daywear, it is never going to look overdone or too much.

Citrine gemstone in silver rings from Luxuria Diamonds
PHOTO 2: A large central solitaire marquise shape orange-yellow color citrine gem of approx. 18mm top width and 3.5 carat t.w. is six prong set into a chunky 10mm wide tapered 925 sterling silver band.  Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings offer great versatility and can be worn with casual or formal attire.   Photo above is of a marquise shaped citrine solitaire ring  [Source:  Luxuria Diamonds]

In the same way that if you choose sterling silver for eveningwear like going out to restaurants or even black-tie occasions it’s still always going to be an elegant and classy look. 

Sterling silver gemstone rings can be worn for just about any occasion.  Birthstone rings make great gifts and are increasingly being used in engagement rings.

Luxuria Diamonds

Sterling silver is also perfect for layering with other jewelry elements as it doesn’t clash with any other textures or materials. You can choose all sterling silver pieces or even mix it up with a few contrasting metals such as gold or rose gold. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Strong and Easy to Clean

What is most surprising about sterling silver jewelry is how strong it is! If you take adequate care of silver jewelry, it can end up lasting you the whole of your life.

You may even be able to pass it down to future jewelry lovers in your family! Sterling silver is a quality, well-made alloy metal that mixed with another metal to create long-lasting, easily wearable material.

Good quality pieces should be made from 92.5 % silver and 7.5% of the other metal, which is usually copper.

Amethyst halo ring in sterling silver by Luxuria Diamonds

PHOTO 3:  A natural 3.7 ct. Brazilian amethyst gemstone encircled with a diamond simulant halo looks stunning with a purple or violet color dress of gown.  Whether it’s a gift for you or for a proposal, this semi-precious gemstone amethyst ring is simply a gorgeous choice for any occasion.  [Photo: Luxuria Diamonds]

Regularly wearing your sterling silver gemstone rings silver sterling jewelry can actually be a great way to keep it clean! This is due to the natural oils in your skin, reacting with the metal, and cleaning it.  Watch out for the gemstones though.  Any gemstone can dull due to a variety of different factors.  If you expose your sterling silver gemstone rings to things like soap, lotion, hairspray, or makeup, they may start to lose its shine.

Although if you do notice any tarnish marks on your 925 sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned.   For sterling silver gemstone rings simply use a soap and water mixture to wash the jewelry.  Pat it dry using a soft cloth before you wear it again.

Find the Perfect Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings

We hope that you have enjoyed this article on the things you need to consider before buying sterling silver gemstone rings.

Choosing the right gemstone ring is just the start of the process. Make sure you know how to coordinate them with every outfit and season, as well as how to take care of and clean them.

Silver emerald ring on small hand

PHOTO 4:   A sterling silver emerald gemstone ring from Luxuria.   Natural emerald or lab created emerald is a great choice for sterling silver engagement rings due to their hardness.


Remember also to select sterling silver gemstone rings that use hard gemstones.   Topaz, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby etc. are all great choices.    If you can’t afford natural precious gemstones such as emerald, sapphire and ruby, lab created ones are an option.    Lab created gemstones are chemically and optically identical to natural mined stones.

If you have any further questions or queries about gemstone rings, contact us directly!   We would love to help you choose the perfect ring for yourself, partner, or friend.

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We also welcome any comments or questions you have on the topic of 5 Things You Should Know about Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings.   Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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