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Stauning Whisky Creates State-of-the-Art Virtual Distillery Tour and Tasting
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Stauning Whisky Creates State-of-the-Art Virtual Distillery Tour and Tasting

Stauning couldn’t let March have all the fun so they’ve released another date! April 8th at 6:30pm they do it all again. So make sure you clear the diary and enjoy the perfect way to sample some great whisky and experience a fabulous distillery tour from home. 

As the lockdown continues, for at least a little bit longer there is some light at the end of the tunnel… thanks to some technical wizardry (and some hard work) you can enjoy Stauning’s delicious drams and state of the art distillery this March.

Premium Danish whisky brand Stauning will be hosting a virtual distillery tour and tasting
from its breath-taking distillery on Denmark’s west coast. Hosted by Stauning’s storyteller, Pernille
Nielson, this remarkable experience will allow guests to explore Stauning’s delicious drams whilst
learning about the innovative methods Stauning uses to create its whiskies.

Taking place on Thursday 4th March at 6:30pm, guests will receive 50ml samples of each of Stauning’s
three whiskies, Rye, Kaos, and Peat, as well as a Stauning tasting glass. Conducted via Zoom, Pernille
will take guests on a guided tour of Stauning’s state of the art distillery, whilst enjoying each of
Stauning’s whiskies. Guests will be guided through how to taste the whiskies at different stages of the
distillery tour, what flavours to look out for and how Stauning makes each of the sublime spirits.

Stauning Rye Whisky
Designed to appeal to drinkers who wouldn’t usually consider rye, Stauning Rye combines malted
grain and pot distillation. The result is a smooth and full-bodied but nuanced whisky whose cereal
notes shine through, leading to a long, smooth, fruity and sweet finish.
Stauning Kaos Triple Malt Whisky
A mashup of Stauning malted Rye and smoked and non-smoked Single Malt whiskies, this is a complex
and versatile spirit.

Kaos takes its name from Danish history when Thorvald Stauning used the phrase “Stauning or Chaos” to win re-election as Prime Minister in 1935. Rounded and sweet to start with,
Kaos has notes of pear, sweet apple, quince jam and hazelnut, leading to dusty, smoky spices and a
zesty, peppery finish.

Stauning Peat Single Malt Whisky
Fans of Islay whisky will love Stauning Peat: it is made from barley that has been floor-malted at the
distillery, then peated using peat excavated from Denmark’s west coast. It is matured there too, with
ample airflow, so the region becomes part of the final product. This creates this whisky’s unique
flavour – bright and fruity with a subtle smoky finish.

This unique whisky, which has recently won brand innovator of the year at the Icons of Whisky 2021,
arrived in the UK in November last year. Stauning was launched by a group of nine friends with a
passion for whisky, with differing backgrounds – four engineers, a helicopter pilot, a doctor, a teacher,
a chef and a butcher – who joined together to push the boundaries of whisky-making, to create spirits
reflective of their heritage with distinct Danish character.
Blending a mix of old and new-world methods, Stauning whiskies are made from local grain, floor-malted in-house at the distillery on the
Danish west coast. Distillation takes place in 24 small copper pot stills which are direct-fired to create
complex flavours, giving the whiskies weight and character that reflects the surrounding landscape of
the Danish west coast.

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