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Spider grow light

Spider Farmer SE7000 LED Grow Light unboxing, assembly, review, PAR test

The Spider Farmer SE7000 LED grow light is the light you’re looking for to cover your grow space evenly with light output. After unboxing, assemble, and install the light inside a 4×4 grow tent we PAR test it to find out the great coverage it offers. Patreon Support: Subscribe to my second YT channel Please! SpiderFarmer (CODE: TerpyHighs269): Mailing List: Merch: Website Instagram DISCOUNT CODES MUST BE USED EXACTLY AS SHOWN AND WITH LINK PROVIDED I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases made through some of the links below. Full list of equipment used: Terpy Highs Amazon Storefront US: CA: HappyHydro (CODE: TERPY) The Press Club: Rosin (CODE: TerpyHighs) MarsHydro (CODE: TerpyHighs): SpiderFarmer (CODE: TerpyHighs269): PulseLabs (CODE: TERPYHIGHS) Dutchpro Nutrients USA (CODE: TERPY10HIGHS) SHYIELD Disinfectant EnviroKlenz Air Scrubber/Filter UV (CODE: TERPY10) Grove Bags USA (CODE: TERPYHIGHS) Grove Bags CANADA (CODE: TERPYHIGHS) AC Infinity (CODE: TerpyHighs) Dutchpro Nutrients USA (CODE: TERPY10HIGHS) Base Feeds: Additives: PH regulators: HappyHydro (CODE: TERPY) GC ROI-E720: GC ROI-E680: GC ROI-E420: GC ROI-E200: GC Master Controller: Mars Hydro Amazon Store US CA UK DE Spider Farmer Amazon Store US CA UK DE Hurricane fans US CA Trellis netting US CA Pot Elevator US CA Grow Room Glasses US CA Garden Plant Ties US CA 110v to 240v Plug Adapter US: CA: Mycorrhizal Inoculant US CA AC Infinity Fans & Ducts US CA pH Control Kit US CA pH and TDS Meter US CA 8″ Table Top Oscillation fan US CA Cloning rooting gel US CA Carbon air filter US CA Rosin Pressing Supplies US CA Youtube/Content Creator Links/Info: Timelapse Camera Main/b-roll Camera Camera Lense Microphone Gimbal Big Tripod Small Tripod Studio Lights Headphones Computer Video Music Analytics/Video Helper #spiderfarmer #growlight #unboxing

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