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Spider Farmer, Maxsisun, Mars Hydro – Entry Level LED Grow Light Comparisons, Test Reports & Reviews

Are LED sellers truthful with their efficiency claims? How can you tell? Who’s being honest? In this LED grow light video review, I decided to audit 4 popular Amazon vendors (Spider Farmer, Maxsisun, Mars Hydro & ViparSpectra) to see if their lights match the PPE product specs shown on their websites. Which companies are most truthful? This review features 6 popular LED grow light models from the “1000” category. Some of them might be ok for a single “medicinal” plant. But these are ideal for home gardeners, growing things like lettuce, microgreens, seedlings & herbs. Three premium models: SF1000, MF1000 & TS1000. Three budget lights: SF1000D, PB1000 & TS600. Which lights are best? I took PPFD readings comparing the light levels. The video shows several other metrics for comparing these grow lights. Be sure to watch Part 2: 0:00 – Overview 1:21 – Integrating Sphere Tests Lights & PPFD Tests: 06:19 – SF1000 07:14 – SF1000D 08:07 – PB1000 08:46 – MF1000 09:27 – TS600 10:28 – TS1000 Light Comparisons: 11:46 – Shady Tactics 13:13 – Output & Efficacy 14:40 – Cost & Value 16:04 – Features 18:51 – Company 20:01 – Final Words This UPS power station can backup a grow light! ► ===================== PRODUCT LINKS (# CommissionsEarned) ===================== Maxsisun PB1000 ► (Amazon US) ► (Amazon CA) Maxsisun MF1000(Remote) ► (Amazon US) ► (Amazon CA) Spider Farmer SF1000: Discount Code: PEPPER19 ► (Amazon US / UK / DE) ► (Amazon CA) Mars Hydro TS1000 ► (Amazon US) Support my channel by buying through my link! 🙂 My PPFD Meter (Apogee Instruments): ► ================== PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ================== Although I reviewed & tested 6 LED grow lights, I’m only able to recommend 4 of them: SF1000, PB1000, MF1000 & TS1000. The SF1000D & TS600 are subpar units. Unless you can get them at a super cheap price, you’re better off just buying a PB1000. • SF1000: Spider Farmer originally released this LED at $140. A year later, they had added a dimmer box & raised the price to $160. It wasn’t making any extra light. It just cost more. They originally listed it as PPE 2.7. Then they claimed PPE 2.9. This was false. Their Integrating Sphere test reports show the PPE is only 2.5! It’s still very efficient. It also has a higher percentage of Far Red light vs the other LEDs. So I do recommend it. But I would not pay more than $160 for it. • SF1000D: Growers might mistake the SF1000D for a SF1000 without the dimmer. But that’s not the only difference! It has Samsung LM301D diodes. It doesn’t have a branded driver. And so the power factor is low (0.69). The efficacy is much lower. The PPE is only 2 (even though the label said 2.6). At $100 or higher, this light is simply not worth it. • PB1000: Maxsisun’s budget grow light. A very nice entry level light at a good price. It’s nice & clean, similar to how the SF1000 started out. Samsung LM281B+ diodes are less efficient than the SF1000/SF1000D ones. But it has a good driver & more of diodes, allowing them to run at a lower voltage. Thus, the efficacy is 2.1 umol/J & it runs at a true 100W. • MF1000: It has more features than the others: Ribbed heat sink, daisy chain power connector & remote control for power & dimming. The reflector hood helps to focus the photons (along with a smaller diode footprint). It doesn’t output much more light than the PB1000. But it distributes the light differently (good for non-tent applications). The PPE is slightly higher (2.139 vs 2.077) & it includes a Far Red diode. But it has that premium price too. If you’re impressed by the features, then it’s worth it. • TS600: Mars Hydro didn’t want me to review this light. They had NO test report for it. It has false PPE specs on the label (PPE 2.3). It is probably more like 1.8 umol/J. This is based on my PPFD readings compared to the MF1000 (which matches wattage & also has a reflector hood). The TS600 has a poor power factor (0.7). It’s not very bright & not as efficient. I don’t advise buying it. • TS1000: Unlike the other 100W models, this LED is a full 150W. So the output is much higher! I was given an old test report. But my PPFD readings support an efficacy of 2.1 or even 2.2. It would be fair to compare this light to the others, except it costs LESS than the SF1000. And you can dim it too. A good value in that more expensive premium category! #ArtificialLighting #IndoorGrowing #LEDlighting #TestReports #GrowYourOwn #Albopepper – – – – – – – – – SUPPORT: – – – – – – – – – W E B ➝ F B ➝ I G ➝ T E E S ➝

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