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Soulja Boy Teams Up With Sprayground To TakeUs On An Underground Fashion Journey - VELVET Magazine
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Soulja Boy Teams Up With Sprayground To TakeUs On An Underground Fashion Journey – VELVET Magazine


Grammy-award nominee Soulja Boy is going
to have his millions of fans riding high for his upcoming collaboration with the
renowned fashion brand Sprayground. The highly-coveted capsule collection is an
amalgamation of Soulja Boy’s legacy in the realms of music, culture and fashion that
have only elevated the rapper’s reverence over the past two decades. Transcending
any form rules, the NYC born label adds its recognizable streetwear flare into this
collaboration to continue its explosive growth as the world’s most innovative
travel-fashion brand.

Sprayground’s founder and Chief Creative Director David BenDavid (DBD) brings a
high dose of fashion disruption with a collaboration that combines Sprayground’s
reputation for pushing boundaries of design while taking Soulja Boy’s fashion and
music legacy to a whole new level. Determined to create a collection that celebrated
the rapper’s legacy, DBD used Soulja Boy’s personal style and turned it into
reimagined and modern pieces that complement Sprayground’s iconic stud designs
with a modern ode to Soulja Boy’s artistry in the form of two backpacks, a limited
edition teddy-bear backpack that Sprayground has become known for over the past
few years and a jewelry case. To continue bringing new excitement into this
collaboration, Sprayground created an animation-packed video that features Soulja
Boy proudly showcasing the epic collection with a far-from-ordinary twist that
Sprayground is known for.
The exclusive pieces are accented by Soulja Boy’s highly-recognizable on-brand
elements and details that give fans a touch of heaven with his most
up-close-and-personal fashion collaboration to date. The collection stays true to the
brand’s signature aesthetics, featuring a comic-book style backpack and a carefully
graffiti-inflected backpack for added oomph, a teddy-bear backpack carries a Soulja
Boy inspired look that hits the heel to round out the co-branding, and a
one-of-a-kind jewelry box that doesn’t sacrifice accessibility or looks.
To celebrate the launch of the collaboration, rap sensation Soulja Boy and
Sprayground’s founder David BenDavid will be hosting an in-person signing on
December 15th at Shoe Palace in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles.
Sprayground first captured worldwide attention when the ‘Hello My Name Is’
backpack debuted over 10 years ago. Sprayground founder, David BenDavid (DBD),

had high hopes to create a brand that he felt represented his childhood and
upbringing. Exposed to streetwear, art and a variety of cultures from a young age,
DBD took all this inspiration and turned it into creativity that is now admired
The Soulja Boy collection will be available online at and
exclusive boutiques nationwide on December 15th, 2022.

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