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Sofa Upholstery Thousand Oaks

Sofa Upholstery Thousand Oaks | Chair Upholstery Thousand Oaks

Sofa Upholstery Thousand Oaks

Sofa Upholstery Thousand Oaks is your secret resource to finding, making, and having your dream sofa that you have always wanted all your life.
Your sofa is the centerpiece of your home; it’s where everyone goes to when they walk in the door. So obviously you can’t sit them down on the cheapest, ugliest, piece of crap you can find. Your Sofa Upholstery Thousand Oaks is for you to enjoy everyday of your life. Sofa upholstery Thousand Oaks reupholsters your sofa to a standard you can be proud of and which will improve the quality of your life.
When done correctly, custom sofa upholstery is the highest quality furniture in the world; that’s why we have a lifetime guarantee on everything we do.
Your Sofa Upholstery Thousand Oaks is economical because the only sofa less expensive than custom upholstery is the cheapest Chinese manufactured sofa in the world. So for about the same price you can have either the highest quality sofa in the world or the lowest quality sofa in the world. Which one do you choose? We can add, delete, change, modify anything on your sofa for little or no cost, because when we upholster your sofa we completely strip your sofa and rebuild it again.
Sofa reupholstery Thousand Oaks is the greenest way to handle usually the largest item that you own. You can have your giant sofa in a landfill for thousands of years, or you can hire us to remake and rebuild your sofa so that when you get your sofa custom upholstered sofa back it is new but made to a higher standard than any manufacturer in the world.
There are certain sofas we do not recommend for sofa reupholstery in Thousand Oaks, such as anything from Ikea because they don’t use wood frames, and anything with a cheap Chinese reclining mechanism because the mechanism has metal fatigue. The old Lazboy reclining mechanisms are great and will last a lifetime for custom Thousand Oaks sofa reupholstery.

You can go from fabric to leather to vinyl to suede. We carry the largest fabric library in Ventura County, so your options are almost limitless. I do suggest using the services of one of our designers. Our designers are free of charge for any couch reupholstery in Thousand Oaks. I have had customers get overwhelmed by the amount of fabrics in our fabric library and leave because they couldn’t make a decision. The voluminosity of fabrics that we carry is why our Thousand Oaks in-house designers are useful to helping make sure that the color and feel and style of your chosen fabrics are something you would like to live with every day and if it will coordinate with the style and design of your room’s interior.
Sofa upholstery Thousand Oaks does not charge anything extra to upholster Sleeper sofas or reupholstery of sofabeds in Thousand Oaks. Sectional reupholstery can be extra because they are longer, take more material and are typically charged for each piece or the longest side.
Because of the extreme weight and difficulty in moving a sofa for reupholstery, we recommend utilizing our boxed, carpeted, and enclosed truck with two men who can pick up from anywhere in Southern California and deliver to any other location at no extra charge.

Please allow us the honor of giving you a free estimate and the pleasure of serving you for your Sofa Upholstery Thousand Oaks in Thousand Oaks.


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