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Hen Party


Having seen Luskentyre beach bathed in sunshine, the next day was back to a grey reality as normal service was resumed. Nothing for it but to do the circular drive of South Harris and hope that we may encounter one or two dry intervals.

So we headed out on the A859 from Tarbert and took the “Golden Road” in order to skirt along the eastern coast of South Harris. The Golden Road is almost entirely a single-track road with cars able to travel in either direction. Along the route there are numerous passing places to allow cars to safely pass each other. I have to say that I found this system excellent and far more civilised than a standard road of one lane for each direction. If a car comes up behind you, you just pull in at a passing place and allow it to pass. Where cars meet traveling in different directions, one will pause at a nearby passing place and after an obligatory wave of thanks, the cars would continue on their way. Fabulous.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before we stopped altogether in order that I could leap out of the car and take a picture. Well, I didn’t know if I would be back this way again. We’d only traveled as far as Meavaig.

A deserted house stands on the far side of a loch inlet.
Across the Water

The object of my eye lay across the water; a farmhouse, deserted and in a state of decline. At one time it looks as if it would have been a grand enough house, but how times change.

A bleat rang out and there was a clear distraction right in front of me.

A bleating lamb looks for its mother and provides a distraction

This distraction forced me to not just look at this cute little bundle, but to look at all the views around me. While it was the house in disrepair that caught my attention, a newer house then caught my eye. Not striking in any way, but compositionally it made a much better picture, with its facade appearing to gaze out over the sea loch.

The new house with a slipway faces out over the loch, hills dusted by clouds in the background.

It was time to get back behind the wheel and continue the journey on the Golden Road, a road so called due to its exorbitant cost to build.

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