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Roman Shade Simi Valley

Roman Shade Simi Valley

Roman Shade Simi Valley

We put more Roman Shades in Simi Valley homes than any other company in the world.

We have the #1 Best Roman Shade in Simi Valley.

We can design, measure, manufacture, and install your Simi Valley Roman Shade.  Therefore, we can control the quality and come to you anytime you need to make sure that your Simi Valley roman shades look perfect and are working properly.

We carry fabrics from every major fabric company in the world with the largest fabric library in Ventura County.  So the process works like this:

1)    Call us and have one of our professional designers come to your home with samples of fabric ideas, or you can come to our showroom to browse our fabric library to figure out what you like the most.

2)    Have our designer or installer come out to take professional measurements usually within 1/8th of an inch so that you get the most coverage for your window.

3)    Set an appointment time to have our installer come out to install your Roman Shade Simi Valley.

One of my personal favorite fabrics to use for my Roman Shade Simi Valley is Sunbrella fabric.  Sunbrella fabric is a fade and UV resistant fabric which is perfect for taking the brunt of the punishment that the sun causes through your windows.

Roman Shades are the perfect window covering in Simi Valley because they combine the beauty of draperies with the ease and functionality of shades.

We are the only Roman Shade Manufacturer in Simi Valley.  Please visit our showroom, we will give you a free drink and offer you a courtesy tour of where we make your Roman Shade Simi Valley.

Roman shades in Simi Valley are very diverse with many different styles and options.   The most popular Simi Valley Roman shade we make is:

  1. b) Relaxed Simi Valley Roman Shades

  2. c) Hobbled Roman Shades Simi Valley

  3. d) Pleated Roman Shade Simi Valley

  4. e) London Roman Shade in Simi Valley
  5. f) Balloon Shade Simi Valley
  6. g) Stagecoach Shade in Simi Valley
  7. h) Austrian Shades in Simi Valley

All our Simi Valley Roman Shades come standard with a cord lock mechanism so that you don’t need a cord cleat.  A cord lock mechanism gives you a Roman Shade with full adjustability to the height that you want.  However, on very large roman shades we recommend a non-locking mechanism because the weight of the shade will shorten the life of the mechanism and will be more susceptible to breaking. Other companies don’t use as heavy of roman shade cord that’s when you find roman shades that need repairs.

Since we make all our own Simi Valley Roman Shades on the premises, we can offer you Roman Shade repairs in Simi Valley. We can repair your Simi Valley Roman Shade no matter where it came from because we can change over the mechanisms or resew your roman shade Simi Valley to make it work again however you want.

You can think of ideas or tell us what you want, and we can make any style you can imagine.  We are a full-service workroom that makes everything custom ordered to your exact measurements.

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