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Palampur tea gardens
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Rejuvenate around Palampur Tea Gardens

A quiet small village in Himachal Pradesh is home to lovely tea gardens and is also known as the tea capital of North-west India. As we enter the town, the tea plantation grounds are visible everywhere. Be it a small area on the hill outside a hotel or spread across a massive piece of land, the tea leaves are all over in Palampur. Yet, there are numerous places to visit in Palampur despite the highlight of the Palampur tea gardens. 

Palampur Tea Gardens 

The tea gardens of Palampur are the major attraction of the town with the crown of tea capital of North India. Where ever you walk or drive by, you will encounter Palampur tea gardens. Some of the gardens are owned by locals and some by government organizations. The mild weather conditions of the town help in the tea plantations at least 3-4 times per year. The numerous water streams in and around Palampur also helps the plantations.

Take a walk in the tea gardens, capture the greenery with a backdrop of Dhauladhar in a perfect postcard. Don’t forget to bring back home some of the many varieties of tea leaves available for purchase in the town. 

Places to visit in Palampur 

Saurabh Van Vihar

Saurabh Van Vihar is one of the iconic places to visit in Palampur. The nature park got its name for dedicating honor to the martyr Saurabh Kalia who lost his life in the Kargil war. Overlooking the dhauladhar mountain range, the park is located slightly out of the town. Apart from the Palampur tea gardens, the Saurabh Van Vihar is an absolute must-do. 

Saurabh Van Vihar | Palampur Tea Gardens

There are numerous things to do in the park, from heart-pumping adventure activities to enjoying the calm river stream. The river stream is a hit with families where the kids can savor the cool water of the stream or zip-lining. Ziplining is also available for adults. 

Majority of the park was destroyed in the floods in the rains of 2018, but things are returning to normalcy slowly. 

Tashi Jong Monastery

Located 15 kilometers east of Palampur, the Tashi Jong Monastery was established around the 1960s. The monastery was set up in the Tashi Jong by the 8th Khamtrul Rinpoche for the preservation of the Tibetian community in exile. Tashi Jong is literally translated as ‘auspicious valley’.

Tashi Jong Monastary

The monastery is a fine blend of woodwork, colorful paintings, and gilding. Located on a hilltop, the monastery offers astonishing views of the valley and the Tibetian village. Cars can go up to the monastery but the drive is delicate with steep roads. The monastery is never too crowded so you can offer your prayers in silence here. 

What I loved most about the village is that it is smoke-free, when literally very few villages in Himachal Pradesh are smoke-free.  

Baijnath Temple

One of the most prominent places to visit in Palampur is the momentous Baijnath Temple. Located in Baijnath district of Kangra, the temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. Built during the early 12th century, Baijnath Temple has Nagara architecture constructed with light brown stone. 

Baijnath Temple

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Thinking of paragliding for your next vacation? You can combine adventure sports on your trip to Palampur. The team here organizes paragliding of utmost standards and even held the world cup of Paragliding in 2015. 

I’d recommend booking your session in advance as they are usually completely booked in the peak seasons. I tried to book when I reached there, but there were no spots available. Also, keep in mind the weather, in the rains and extreme cloud cover, the session will be canceled. 

Andretta Pottery Village

Palampur seems to have something for everyone, even the art lovers are captivated by this town. Andretta is home to the oldest pottery studio in India. Despite pottery, the village attracts theatre artists and painters as well. You may even buy paintings from the village. 

Dhauladhar | Palampur Tea Gardens

Where to stay in Palampur

Palampur is a small town and yet there are various options to stay here. The tea gardens entice various travelers and so you may find some amazing places to stay in Palampur. We chose Oyo hotels, slightly outside on the east side of the town. Considering our budget trip, we chose Hotel Ambika from The room size was decent, nice location with a CCD next door and delicious food. The only downside was the non-AC rooms, they didn’t have a view, and caused awful smell during rainfall. If you’d like to pick Hotel Ambika, I’d recommend booking an AC room. Click here if you’d like to book the hotel.

My recommendations on where to stay in Palampur –

Sarover Portico – Located right in the heart of Palampur, the 4-star Sarover Portico will pamper you with its services, amazing staff, and a 360° bar and restaurant. Rated 8.4 on, Sarover Portico won’t disappoint you. Click here to book the hotel.

The Bliss Palampur – Situated slightly away from the center of the town, the 3-star hotel offers a terrace restaurant with sumptuous views of the Dhauladhar range. The hotel has buffet breakfast, karaoke, and lounge facilities. They have various room types, and also has a family room if you’re traveling with your close-knit family. For those visiting for business, The Bliss also has a business center and a seamless WiFi connection. The plus point it is you choose a room with a balcony you will have a memorable stay at The Bliss Palampur. Click here if you would like to book the hotel. 

Seclude Palampur – If your idea of a vacation is to stay in a place with a lush and open valley, then I’d recommend Seclude Palampur. It is located with surrounding wheat fields and offering private terrace for lofty views of the mountain range. Book nerds will love the hotel as they have an in-house mini library. If you’re a responsible tourist, you should choose the hotel, as they’ve constructed it using local materials. Click here to book the hotel.

So, this is my Palampur Travel Guide with all the must-see places to visit in Palampur. Tell me what all the things you’d like to do on your Palampur trip.  


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