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Refer a Friend, Get Extra Cash

Refer a Friend, Get Extra Cash


As a Tasker, you’re a key part of our thriving community—and a key part of building it. If you’re like many Taskers we’ve spoken to, you may have already recommended tasking to someone. But did you know you can get $25 ($50 if you’re Elite!) free for each new Tasker you bring to Taskrabbit?

It’s now easier than ever to share a referral code with friends from the following areas of your Tasker app:

1. In your “Announcements” inbox. On your main dashboard, you have an inbox at the top where all your in-app messages are gathered. Simply click to text or email a friend your referral code.

2. In your profile settings. Just click the “Profile” tab. Midway down your profile menu, you’ll once again see an option that reads “Invite friends, get cash.” Again, click this option to share your referral code by text or email.

3. The Elite dashboard. If you’re an Elite Tasker, you’ll receive a slightly higher referral reward —$## instead of $##—when you refer a friend to our platform. Midway down on your Elite dashboard, you’ll see a section outlining this bigger referral bonus. At the bottom of that box is hyperlinked text that reads “Refer a friend now.” Click this text to share your referral code.

When your friend creates a profile on the Tasker app, they’ll have the option on the “Signup” screen to add your referral code. Your referrals will be shown along with the status of each on the “Referral” page in the app. Once they invoice their first task, you’ll receive a referral reward. (Terms & Conditions apply.)

Note that this feature has been released in select metros only. Click here to see the full list and read more about the program.

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