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Pop Ups, Tent Trailers, And Folding Campers! - Traveland RV Blog
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Pop Ups, Tent Trailers, And Folding Campers! – Traveland RV Blog

If you are not a fan of sleeping on the ground in a flimsy tent without amenities, but you lack the storage space, large budget, or the tow vehicle capable of hauling a full sized trailer, then a Folding Camper might be the right RV for you!

Folding Campers, also called Tent Trailers or Pop Ups, are popular for first time RV owners because they offer the luxuries of a modern hard sided RV, without the hassle or cost that comes with them.

Perks Of A Tent Trailer

Easy to store!

Tent Trailers fold together to make transportation and storage extremely simple! Larger Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels require a lot of space to store, but a Tent Trailer can easily fit into a garage or driveway.

Most Vehicles Can Tow Them!

Most Tent Trailers weigh under 4,000 pounds which means that you do not need a beefy SUV or pickup truck to tow these trailers! Their small size and light weight also make towing simple, which is great for beginner RV owners who lack towing experience.

Anywhere Is Accessible

A lot of campgrounds have length limitations for their RV sites, but if you own a Tent Trailer you won’t ever have to worry about that! Their small size allows you to camp absolutely anywhere, whether that means sneaking into a small campsite in an overcrowded campground, or making your own campsite off the grid!

Budget Friendly

Tent Trailers cost less than a traditional Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel, making them a great first RV for campers ready to move from a tent to an RV.

RV Amenities

Although Tent Trailers are a fraction of the price compared to hard sided RV’s, you still get to enjoy the luxuries that every other RV owner has! Most Tent Trailers include a small kitchen so you can create meals in your RV, and easily wash your dishes with hot water in the sink. Some types even include a toilet and a shower!

It is common for the layout of Tent Trailers to feature a front and rear queen sized bed, meaning they can sleep at least 4 people. Most include a convertible dinette, and some even feature a third bed off the side, so they can sleep up to 10 people! Considering these trailers fold down to a tiny size for easy towing, that is a lot of space to have while you are camping!

Folding Campers from Traveland RV!


Designed and tested down under in rugged Australian terrain, Traveland RV is proud to offer Opus Camper Trailers at select dealerships! Opus trailers are designed to follow its tow vehicle through just about anything, and are designed with features that off grid campers will love.

They are slightly different than the average tent trailer because rather than using springs, cables, and tubes to “pop up” the trailer, you simply press a button and the Opus inflates in just 90 seconds.

The OPUS Off Road Camper

OPUS has redesigned the classic pop up tent trailer with “tough luxury” features to take you across the most extreme terrain. If you love off grid camping but still enjoy the luxuries of normal…

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Crafted in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Mission Overland trailers are not your typical Tent Trailer, but still a Pop Up. Their Summit model is designed for a wide variety of adventures and is fit for a family of four, or a solo adventurer. It has independent suspension, and is durable enough to handle tough roads and go off the grid. They are built with aluminum and composite material, making them light enough that even a small SUV can pull it.

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