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Pouch Review: Spiritus Systems Small GP

The humble General Purpose pouch; Jack of all trades, master of none. Used by almost everyone, for every “thing”. But are all GP Pouches created equal? Spiritus Systems certainly doesn’t think so. Within a market that has a multitude of pouches tailored for any conceivable role, and novel approaches to general utility such as Spiritus’ recent JSTA pouch (reviewed here) becoming available, what justification is there for a humble GP pouch? Let’s have a look. I’ve had the pouch for about 9 months now, and I’ve used it to hold everything from grenades and first-aid kits to night-vision devices and...

Greenpoint This Week: Three Decker Diner Revamp, Newtown Barge Park Field Closure, and More – Greenpointers

Good afternoon, Greenpointers. It’s pretty damn cold out there, but things have been heating up in our Facebook comments section. It has been crickets for the past few weeks, so I was excited to see some strong opinions formulating. One thing folks had opinions on was the newly revamped Three Decker Diner. We got the scoop from the new owners (who even shared their meatloaf recipe) and having visited in person, it feels much the same. Well, well well, we’re getting another new coffee shop on Nassau (no, seriously), but it will also offer up gifts and tchotchkes, so there’s...
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The Practice — Shame as Punishment

In Becker’s rational model of crime, theorists predict that criminals way the benefit gained from committing crimes with the expected costs of committing the crime. Those costs generally include jail time or fines, but some criminals may not be deterred by those penalties. Shame may be an additional punishment that people are more likely to want to avoid if the punishment is public in nature. [vimar_seo_links] In this scene from The Practice, the judge assigns a shaming punishment in an effort to deter future criminals who may commit similar crimes. Like this:Like Loading... Source link
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UTOPIA FALLS premiering February 14th, 2020

Utopia Falls will be premiering this Valentine’s Day on Hulu and CBC Gem. The series stars Robyn Alomar, Akiel Julien, Robbie Graham-Kuntz, Phillip Lewitski, Humberly Gonzalez, Devyn Nekoda, and Mickeey Nguye,and Season 1 of the sci-fi drama will feature 10 one-hour episodes. The cast also includes Kate Drummond, Jeff Teravainen, Huse Madhavji, and Dwain Murphy, with Snoop Dogg voicing the Archive.  The vision of Utopia Falls was brought to life by R.T. Thorne and Joseph Mallozzi (Dark Matter) Kate plays Authority Phydra, the head of New Babyl’s police force. She is a staunch believer in upholding the law, order, and above...
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3 Ways To Use Colour to Develop Your Voice

When I was a kid, our family got a roll of film developed every couple of months, and I remember getting the envelope of 4×6 prints back from the lab and hearing my mom remind me not to touch the prints. “You’ll get fingerprints on them,” she’d say. Not one to waste a good metaphor, as an adult, that’s all I really want from my photography: to make photographs with my fingerprints—my unique mark—all over them. I want my work to be more and more my own. We don’t all photograph for the same reasons, but I know this desire isn’t...
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How Long Does Gas Last in a Can? – Apartment Prepper

Written by Bernie CarrNow that gas prices have come down from their highs, a lot of people may be wondering if they will shoot up again, and whether it’s a good idea to store some gas while prices are manageable. That would involve storing gas in a can. But how long does gas last in a can?If you’ve ever wondered how long gas can last in a can, you’re not alone. Whether you’re preparing for an emergency or just want to ensure you’re always stocked up, it’s an important question to consider. The amount of time that gas lasts has...
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5 Spooky and Delectable Mocktails to Try This Halloween

Halloween is almost approaching, making it the ideal time to host a spooky-themed party, dress up in eerie attire, and chow down on spooky-appearing foods and mocktails.On Halloween, cocktails are a popular drink among visitors. But what about non-drinkers?Here are five spooky, entertaining, and alcohol-free mocktails to spice up your Halloween celebrations and wow your friends who abstain from drinking.1. Colorful Hocus pocus mocktail punchThe orange, cranberry, and cider-based vibrant mocktail are ideal for any enchanted gathering.Add some cupcakes or cookies to go with this delicious cocktail.In a bowl, combine ginger ale, apple cider, orange seltzer, cranberry juice, and maraschino...

Interiors Summer Style: Five Ways to Bring The Sunshine In

This summer is very exciting and very eclectic in the interiors world. We already know that the big trends are going to be there, as in tropical always comes back (primarily palm motifs this summer), and bright, vibrant colours (earthy mustard yellows, rusty reds and terracotta oranges for 2019) are always in for the summer months and garden furniture designs are lovelier every year.  The one trend I am most excited about is what we call soft minimalism or relaxed Nordic. I believe a new serene Scandi style focused on rich colours, interesting shapes and sustainable materials will be dominating interiors for the rest...
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Book Review: I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Yes hello, here is another book that I am *screaming into the void* about because it was so good, I can’t possibly string together a coherent sentence about it. But let’s try because that’s the joy of reviewing books! I Kissed Shara Wheeler was the first book by Casey McQuiston that I read, and while I’ve heard amazing things about their previous books, I didn’t want to hype myself up too much. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but … THIS BOOK DESERVES ALL THE HYPE!!! The story follows high school senior Chloe Green, the only openly queer...