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Our Favorite Summer Beers are Back!

By Tara Babins

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Not all beer is summer beer. You definitely don’t want a heavy, sticky stout when the sun is blazing but it’s easy to get bored of the same light lagers season after season. So what makes for good summer beer? It isn’t just one thing. It’s the entire summer feeling packed into a chilled bottle or glass. Light, clean, and endlessly refreshing, we’ve rounded up our favorite beers that will get you to that state of pure relaxation and help you sip your way through a steamy HK summer. Read below to check them out!

Suntory Pilsner Draught 
Suntory The Premium Malts represents the ultimate summer beer. Beautifully textured with a rich velvety mouthfeel, it has great depth while maintaining all the freshness of a perfectly crafted pilsner. Its aromatic hops provide just enough mild bitterness for flawless balance and the “Kamiawa” or “God’s Foam” was engineered by Suntory to produce the most creamy head that regenerates as you drink!

Hitachino Nest ‘Anbai’ Gose

Hitachino’s Anbai Gose is made with Japanese salted ume (plums), which offers the perfect compliment to the style and emphasizes sourness, saltiness, and freshness. With notes of tart green ume, sea salt, and umami, this lighter bodied beer is what you need to cool down on a scorching hot day.

Brooklyn Brewery ‘Sorachi Ace’ Saison
Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace uses a rare hops that was developed in Japan in the 1970s. It is a classic saison, an unfiltered golden farmhouse ale, which drinks really clean. The Sorachi hops brings bright, spicy aromatics with herbal and lemon notes. Described by the brewery as ‘sunshine in a glass’ it rounds out the trio of our summer picks for thirst-quenching beers.

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