Thinking back to my younger years at the university, I remember a lot of different emotions. One of the hardest parts is leaving the comforts of home, and branching out to discover your own way. I remember thinking I spent 18 years curating my childhood room and now I have to leave it behind! Making a dorm room or apartment bedroom feel like your own space is not always easy. Rarely can you paint to warm the space, or even your own furnishings to make it feel like home. My solution to this is fabulous bedding and accent pillows. With very little space, the bed is used for much more than just sleeping. It is where you study, chat with friends, and snack.

Its not always easy to find twin size bedding that is both luxurious and stylish. We have lots of options in stock for the college bound. We can even create custom bedding as well! We’ve done quite a few looks for college students over the years, and each one puts a smile on my face. Creating Custom bedding or mix-and-match ready made is an exciting way to see how these young adults pull together looks that are all their own. So, stop by and let our creative Hermann Team get your college bound student ready for school!

Happy decorating!