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My You Tube Channel :
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My You Tube Channel :


Reconnecting with you after an year :

Good Morning Friends ,

Let us take a brief review of the achievements so far.

You have been a regular inspiration to all of my activities .

You tube channel is one of those.

Main objective behind the channel is spreading the awareness about civil Engineering. To focus on the Basics.

This channel is perfect for all fresh Civil Engineer graduates who are quite new to the Practical aspects of construction. You can also find answers to many other basic civil engineering questions in different videos on this channel. A regular reference to those videos can certainly prepare you for civil engineering job interviews.

Please subscribe to this channel to learn about basics of civil engineering.

Santosh Kulkarni

We are assessing the progress between

18th July 2018 to 3rd Dec 2019.

In this period , the Uploads have increased from 273 to 292 .

Subscribers have gone up from 3393 to 5810 . An increase of 2417 members over a period of 17 months.

Now our channel has a rank of C+ .

The all India ranking is 1,08,519 where as the channel ranking in the Education category is 68,113 .

Through this channel , I have answered many questions from the subscribers about various issues during construction.

This is my most recent upload on the channel .

You would like to watch this video at this link :

Civil Engineering basic Interview Questions

This is the blog statistics as on this date.

Thank you so much for your whole hearted support to this blog and also to the You tube channel .

Please do write to me for any queries or clarifications regarding Building construction.


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