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My Top 10 Books of 2022
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My Top 10 Books of 2022

Another year gone, another year of exceptional books! I haven’t read as much as previous years in 2022, but I’ve read more incredible stories and found so many new authors for my shelf. It’s always a difficult task to pick out my top ten of the year, and as always, I wish I could include all the books I gave a 5 star rating to! But these books stood out to me because some of them taught me important lessons and about what to focus on in life, some of them made me laugh and all of them gripped me consistently from beginning to end. They also had storylines that I’ve never seen before and that I enjoyed immensely. I love each of them so much and they all deserve a place on your TBR lists!

Without further ado, here’s my top books of 2022. Let’s start at number 10…

10. The Wild Remedy – Emma Mitchell

This was my first non-fiction read of 2022, and what an incredible journey I experienced! The Wild Remedy is Emma Mitchell’s personal diary of how nature helps to combat her depression. She records her finds over the course of a year and shows us just how being outdoors with nature has so many benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. Emma has changed my mindset for the better, taught me to appreciate the little things in life and to fully embrace nature – something that can do so much to brighten our moods. It’s well and truly magical. I’d encourage anyone struggling with their mental health to take a chance on this perfectly written book full of real, relatable experiences. See my full review here.

9. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day – Milly Johnson

Weirdly, after my first read of the year above, this book was my last read of the year! This was definitely one of the most perfect festive books I’ve ever read. And, embarrassingly, my first Milly Johnson book! If you ever need something to put you in the Christmas spirit, this book is it. It’s an absolute treat, a feel-good story about six people who are brought together thanks to the magic of the festive season (and an awful lot of snow.) The characters I met in this book were some of the most memorable I’ve ever come across, their stories effortlessly capturing my heart. It’s a slow-paced read with a big focus on character development, but the journey we go on was so compelling, so heart-wrenching, so magical, so emotional. I loved every second of it! See my full review here.

8. Once Upon A Fever – Angharad Walker

This book well and truly rekindled my love for fantasy! A unique and impressive story about magic and mystery as well as the importance of family and friendship, one which left me in awe and wowed me until the last sentence. Angharad Walker is one talented writer! I loved the story of Payton and Ani, two sisters who are unaware of what’s really going on behind closed doors, understanding who they are, who they can trust and who cannot be trusted. It’s a story of bravery and commitment to a common cause, with twists so unexpected, twists that completely transform your thoughts, feelings and predictions all the way through. See my full review here.

7. A Wish For Jo – Audrey Davis

I never feel let down with Audrey’s writing. In fact, it’s got to the point where I’ll just buy her books without even reading a blurb. A Wish For Jo was no exception! It’s fun, charming and very difficult to put down, and has instantly captured my heart, just like the author’s previous books! The characters have become some of my favourites, their stories so heartfelt and memorable. The humour, as always, is right up my street, and the magic that comes with it makes this book unlike any other. Perfectly written and full of everything I love! See my full review here.

6. The Other Side Of Fear – Eoghan Egan

If you like a somewhat challenging read, love an excellent cast of characters and can take the dark elements alongside the lighter ones, then you’ve got an absolute winner of a book here. It ticked every single box for me. The plot is completely awe-inspiring, and covers the grim world of trafficking and violence, the heartbreaking effects of Alzheimer’s and losing loved ones, as well as the truly dangerous world of crime in all its forms. However, it was the characters that really stood out the most for me. Each one of them absolutely excellent, and if one of them was removed, the story would be completely different. A phenomenal book that scored highly in every single area for me. Go read it! See my full review here.

5. Dog Days – Ericka Waller

How do I even sum up something that is just pure perfection? Because that’s exactly what this book is. It touched my soul and will always have a place in my heart. The characters in this book feel so real, their stories so deep and complex. Even aside from the exceptional story, the author’s words made me forget time and space, sucking me into a whole new place, yet one that felt so familiar in so many ways. I could relate so hard to how these characters felt, and one particular scene took the breath from my lungs and made my eyes stream because it was so close to home. Not only this, but the book perfectly encapsulates the true healing power of dogs, and how we are so lucky to have them around us. I guarantee you won’t leave your dog alone after reading this! See my full review here.

4. All You Ever Wanted – Susan Elliot Wright

I knew this book would be good, but I didn’t realise how much I’d love it and how much it would take over my brain space! Such a dark, compelling and emotional read. I wasn’t mentally prepared for how much I became emotionally invested in these characters and their complex lives! The plot had me constantly thinking, the feeling of knowing something wasn’t right was so satisfying and impressed me more with each passing chapter. The author has done everything right here and it’ll be hard to forget such a gripping and intense journey. If you love family drama, can’t-put-down thrillers and obsessive characters, you’ll adore this book! See my full review here.

3. Nasty Little Cuts – Tina Baker

This book left me with the biggest book hangover I’ve ever had. Tina’s stunning words and keen eye for detail combined with that dark, gripping hold she somehow has over her readers has created an absolute masterpiece of a book. It’s horrifying, twisted to it’s core, but it’s also an addictive and unforgettable ride. Her characters are brought to life by killer description and solid dialogue, and that ending? I don’t even think it will ever leave my brain! I loved loved loved this book! See my full review here.

2. Blue Haven – Lisa King

This book is a twisty page turner that you simply won’t be able to stop thinking about. It’s bursting at the seams with suspense, it’s surprisingly deep, and it completely took over my brain space for a good few weeks! I loved the balance of the joyful elements and the hidden darkness underneath it all, and it’s immediately clear just how much work went into creating this unforgettable book. It’s incredibly thought provoking, especially the exploration of mental health and its damaging effects, and the scary yet fascinating things technology COULD achieve one day is written so so well. I can’t fault a single part of it. I don’t think anything I ever write will come close to expressing my love for this book but the satisfying plot, the unbelievably perfect selection of characters, and the unexpected twists and turns have made this one of the best books I’ve ever read. See my full review here.

1. Wrong Place Wrong Time – Gillian McAllister 👑

For two years in a row, Gillian McAllister’s work is my top book of the year! Gillian has taken a risk, a huge leap in the creation of Wrong Place Wrong Time, which is so unlike her others. But it’s a risk that had absolutely paid off; I have never read anything quite like this before and I’m buzzing from such a thrilling story of time loops, the power of love in so many forms and of just how much it felt like a big puzzle we had to solve alongside Jen. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a character as much as I loved her, and joining her on this mission to find the truth and right some wrongs has been one of the most exhilarating rides of my life. A true gem of a book. Something I will never forget. See my full review here.

Other noteworthy authors!

As always, I couldn’t end the year without mentioning some other incredible authors whose books I’ve read this year!

  • Emma Lynden – for one of the sweetest romances!
  • Alison Morton – for thrillers that never let me down!
  • Rebecca L Marsh – for an emotional journey that I still think about!
  • Jenny Hale – for a book about family, relationships and doing what you love!
  • Cheryl Butler – for an impressive end to an impressive trilogy!
  • Fran Hart – for a cute, spooky autumn read with the best cast of characters!
  • Andrea Stein – for an addictive story filled with love and hope!

Here’s to 2023!

As I do every year, I want to thank every author and publisher who gifted me copies of their books and to all the book tour organisers who have had me on their tours. It’s always an honour to be able to do what I do! I can’t wait to read more books next year and to discover some amazing new authors. The line up is looking good!

I hope everyone has an amazing new year! ❤️

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