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Mother-son salsa business finds fast fans
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Mother-son salsa business finds fast fans

Jan. 13, 2023

Trey Bren knew his family salsa recipe was worth sharing – and the marketplace appears to be proving him right.

Bren and his mom, AJ, began selling their homemade salsa in November at craft shows.

It sold out at the first one, and Mama Troll Salsa has been finding fans ever since, said Bren, who works remotely as an underwriter for a fintech startup.

The recipe goes back to his grandmother and has been perfected by his mother for two decades. When AJ left a 25-year career as a dental assistant, her son encouraged her to become an entrepreneur.

“I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” he added. “Building something that brings joy to many people as a mother-and-son team is a win-win.”

The signature salsa is a medium heat with what he calls “the perfect balance of flavor and spice” that has surprised customers sampling it at shows.

“It truly has such a well-balanced flavor profile that makes it universally loved by all and gives it the ability to be used on more than just salsa-related foods,” Bren said.

“We love feedback and plan to experiment with some of the requests that we’ve been receiving. We will always keep the original as the framework of the recipe, but adding more heat or even pineapple could be something we try in the near future.”

The business is using the cottage food law to do all cooking and canning between their homes. AJ also works in fundraising for a nonprofit.

They plan to continue appearing at craft shows and are working toward partnering with a co-packer to accelerate production. The salsa also is available through Mama Troll’s website.

“Our salsa tastes good, but our mission isn’t just to offer a good-tasting product,” Bren said. “We believe that salsa is best enjoyed when shared — those moments are what we’re all about helping create. If our product can help cultivate happiness, that’s what we consider a success.”

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