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#mosquito web tutorial #baby bed web #how to make insect on crib Hi close friends Making insect web for child nest/baby bed The dimensions of internet textile size:45/ 2= 24.5( in video clip reveals 45 inch.sorry for the textile folded up two times initial and also gauge the size and also size after suffice). my Instagram web page: ============================. Making infant nest/ bed. Many thanks for enjoying as well as please subscribe my network. #sew with me

صنع سرير الطفل مع الناموسية #mosquito web tutorial
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  1. സെന്ററിലെ അറച്ചിന്റെ ബീഡിങ് materail എന്താണ്. അത് എവിടെ കിട്ടും. അതിന്റെ പേര് എന്താണ്.

    1. Net 1.5 metre venam
      Oval shapilulla oru design anu
      Neelam 45 inch ( folded 45÷2)
      Veethi um 45 inch
      Video il fold ayittan kanikkunnad.adu 45÷2 anu

    2. Ee net bedinu full cover cheyyanallo.adu kond bedinte adivashathe chuttalavil ninnnum veedi kurachu edukkam .adakum elastic nte neelam

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