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More domination by technology
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More domination by technology

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post is a comment from the wonderful Rhoda. Suggesting another perhaps better ‘line-writing ‘app’ called FOND OF WRITING. Below that I mention the simple PIR light.


Rhoda writes: While yesterdays suggestion of “Write for me” seems to require an account, online access etc.
FOND OF WRITING will run on W98(!!) to W10 and doesn’t need the internet.
Lots of simple but devious things to make it hard work, like the sub not being able to see what he’s typing! Not seeing the type is not the default but an option!
Even produces a printable report etc, so you can see how long it took, how many mistakes etc.

The humble PIR light

One thing I often use when I am out is the combination of a simple PIR light and a Wi-Fi security camera. (It helps that I live deep in the countryside where there is no ambient light at night.) Below is an excerpt from my most recent journal that explains:

He looked at me with great sadness and loneliness before curtseying and mincing from the room to do as he had been told. I picked up a handful of uniquely numbered plastic padlocks, his huge dolly, Suzette Simperkins, and the nail biting [prevention fluid.  I entered the kitchen where he had just completed setting up the Wi-Fi security camera. I placed his little chair in the middle of the room and took the sleep mask from him. I told him to sit on the chair which he did. (I had been feeling he needed a bit of a rest physically, although what I planned would not be much of a rest for him mentally.) I gave him his dolly to hold, to be always cuddled nicely to his chest while I was out. I laughed mockingly when he obeyed. (Before continuing dear reader, I will remind you the kitchen lights in my house are PIR activated. They come on in response to movement. They go out after about three minutes, if there is no movement.

While I spoke, I moved around his body and replaced each brass padlock with a plastic one, noting each unique number in my phone notes. (When I removed the pacifier strap padlock I removed the pacifier, painted a little top-up of the vile tasting fluid onto the pacifier bulb and popped it back into his whimpering mouth.

It’s PIR bondage time maggot. Until I return home, you will sit on your little chair WITHOUT MOVING. I will be checking up on you now again via the security app on my phone. Remember though, the security camera will be activated each time the light comes on, and it will record in the app each instance of that happening. I will punish you with the cane when I get home for each instance; and if there are too many instances, I will add two weeks onto your current denial period, and we know that means two weeks also added to every subsequent denial period for the rest of your life!” He began to whimper and he looked like he might cry. I believe my threat had prompted him to think about how long it was, until his next scheduled earliest orgasm date of 31 March, AND, how many times between now and whenever he actually got to cum, I might choose to threaten to postpone the date or actually postpone the date. My tone was mocking and spiteful. “Is the little maggot overwhelmed with the vanilla-free time so far, and now, such high stakes while I am out too. Well at least you have your big dolly to cuddle and keep you company don’t you. Pathetic!” He looked very miserably weary, and friendless. I felt only spite and power which led me to a double-down…………………

The journal is available on as PAPERBACK or ePub (eBook).

The journal is also available for Kindle on Amazon


The journal is also available from other outlets in other formats

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