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Miya Folick Wants You to “Get Out of My House” on New Single ― New Album “Roach” Out May

Miya Folick photo by Jonny Marlow

After five years of keeping busy opening for other musicians on tour while steadily releasing music, indie-rock artist Miya Folick is gearing up for her new album Roach, scheduled May 26, with its first single, “Get Out of My House.” Based in LA and hailing from Santa Ana, the former actor-turned-musician teased the track among other unreleased music while touring in Europe during the fall of last year. Along with a visualizer, “Get Out of My House” is the wake-up call you need when rediscovering independence after a relationship, proving not all breakups are heartbreaking when it’s a toxic relationship.


Right from the get-go, the drums sound ready to burst from a heavyweight barely balanced on the tip of the cymbals. As the song becomes progressively aggressive and the guitars keep ripping and roaring, the drums never show any signs of stopping, giving weight to every line delivered. But without a doubt, Folick is the center of the entire track. Thanks to her punk approach, what sounds like another sad love song on paper is closer to a happy self-love liberation, free from the pressures of a toxic partner. In some ways, the track is a pop-punk rally for you vs. the world, proving to be a unique perspective not always heard from other indie-rock artists.

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And much like previous songs, her personality naturally comes out on lines like “I think I want a happy cry / I think I want sunshine, streamin’ out of my two eyes” and “Don’t want to roll over and see you, you remind me life is terrifying.”

It’s the right amount of playfulness and truth-telling without taking away from the vibrant energy of the production. Instead, Folick adds fuel to the fire of a doomed relationship. And since Roach is still months away from releasing, as well as an upcoming movie score, don’t be surprised if that fire only grows with every new single.


Words: David Sosa

Listen to Miya Folick’s new single “Get Out of My House” on all streaming services. For more music and tour dates from Folick, including tickets to her May show in Salt Lake City, keep track through her Instagram and official website.


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